Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Bloomers....

Yep, we've had such Gorgeous weather here lately
temps between 84-86 degrees in fact
They say we were warmer then the
the other day!

So with the warm weather comes my

 This beauty is right out our front door!
It flowers first, then it's done and is a big green bush.

 Here is a close-up of the flower....

 Then off to the side of the steps we have 
This one was laying on the ground,
so I picked it and brought it in and 
put it by my kitchen sink.

 Here are the others from the same bush
waiting to Bloom....
most likely today!

 This is a pretty little patch of violets....
weeds to my hubby.  
I'm sure he has already put something on them to make them

 This is a wanna-be-a-bloomer....
This Rhododendron has to be at least
50 yrs old....maybe older.
It is Gorgeous when it Blooms....
Huge puff balls of Pink!

 Ahhhh....Yes, the Forsythia!
The first sign of Spring....
we have several in our yard.
These 2 are in the most shaded area....

I guess Spring is here because they've

And last for today....
little fuzzy white blooms.

What's Blooming in your corner of the world?


  1. Love your bloomers! Especially the gorgeous bush right at your front door, you are so very lucky. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. Catchy title!

    No blooms here yet. Not even the forsythia, except for the forced blooms. This will be the final day of temps in the 80s for a while; then we'll drop back to something more "normal" now that we're good and spoiled. How about you?

  3. GOR~GE~OUS! Lovely Blooms.

    Everything is blooming here too..... trees, daffodils, hyancith, & the tulips have pushed up. We have gorgeous
    green grass that has already been mowed. The forest behind our home is greening up and I'm thrilled.
    We've been in the 80's too, but we are in for a little rain and a slight cool down to 70's. Not complaining!

  4. Oh gorgeous. I love forsythia but we cannot grow it here. Have to enjoy it in pictures only.

  5. Your Forsythias are lovely...nice start for Spring!

  6. Everything looks so pretty. We have been having that kind of weather too. Just hope we don't get snow now that everything is budded out. Love the pictures of your bassett hounds.
    ladybug cottage

  7. Dear Lisa...Your lovely little touches of Springtime photo's were such a joy to look at. Thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate you kind thoughts for my family.
    Isn't this the greatest time of year?

  8. I love those floppy white flowers....very romantic! Yes, I love the violets too, even if they are considered a weed!


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