Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Note Card Party at Vee's....

Vee is hosting a Note Card Party!
These are the 4 photos I chose from previous posts
on my blog that I would have made into
Note Cards!

I thought....
who wouldn't Love to get a 
Note from a friend with a picture of 
something Yummy to eat!

 ~homemade biscotti~

 ~semi-homemade blueberry muffins~

 ~homemade banana bread~

~not-homemade pastries~

Yep, I'd Love a Note from a friend
on one of these!  Now go check out 
some of the other blogs that have joined
in on the fun.  You can check them out at Vee's

Don't forget to say Hi to a few of your favorites!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. oh my goodness ... that would be wonderful. so wonderful they may want to eat the note card. ha. ha!! i love the blueberry muffins or the pastries. so yummy looking. if only i could come through the computer screen & have a sampling. i'm ready for breakfast. ha. ha!! i love how so many are picking different photos from their blog for the note card link up party. so cool. happy to find you. take care. (:

  2. Oh yes! This is right up my alley. I love pastries! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yummy delicious! I would hope if I received these they would be recipe cards, this looks like pastry heaven, I swear I can almost smell fresh baked goods! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Recipe cards! That Miss Sandy has ideas...

    Yes, I would also enjoy a set of note cards in this theme. Wonderful theme.

  5. Yes! indeed these would make wonderful note cards. I bet they tasted even better, thank you for sharing, and thank you for visiting me.

  6. Okay I am heading over right now. Start brewing the coffee right now.

  7. Hi Lisa
    I'd certainly love to have such luscious looking note cards! I'll chime in with Sandy that I'd also want the recipe included on the back of the cards --wonderful idea! :)

  8. What lovely, yummy photos! I know I'd love to receive a handwritten note on one of these cards. (Can I add my vote for the recipes on the back? Fun!)

    This is the first time I've visited your blog, so I took a few minutes to nose around. You have beautiful daughters! I enjoyed seeing the West Side Story pictures. :-) And congrats on installing those wonderful countertops! And your spring decorating with a bird-y theme is so cheerful and sweet.

    Nice to "meet" you!

  9. Great shots! I love the "pastry" cloche!

  10. OK, you do realize that I now want to chew on a piece of note card, right? Since everything I cook pretty much tastes like card stock, I probably wouldn't know the difference.

    Seriously, that was a really neat choice, and those pictures are great. They look delicious, too.

  11. What a great idea! That last photo is wonderful!



  12. I could eat any of that right now! :) Such a good idea for notecards!

    1. And your blog design is beautiful!

  13. Aren't these yummy photos...... you make me hungry! I'd be drawn to this set if they were notecards! Wouldn't they make a wonderful 'come for coffee' invites?

  14. Love your theme, and if I could have something right now, I would definitely choose the biscotti!

  15. Oh, yum, yum, yum & yum. They all look so pretty and tasty. I think your note cards need to come with a scratch & sniff feature :).

  16. Lisa, you made me hungry! You must be quite the cook/baker! Great card choices. Thanks for your visit and comment. Blessings, Pamela

  17. Your photos made me smile...and then they made me hungry!

  18. Wow, thank you very much...I just gained 4 pounds, I figure a pound a picture! Don't we all just love Vee for this?

  19. Now you've done it! I'm HUNGRY! LOL, these would all make great cards.

  20. It is so good that dinner is cooking because I am now officially very hungry. Those all look so delicious!

  21. yumminess personified!
    I'd love a note on any of these..
    with a recipe or two tucked inside!!

  22. Wow! Those look delicious. Maybe you could do a scratch and sniff set of cards!

  23. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I would love a card with any of those pics on it, too!

    Cept I may eat the card by accident!!

  24. Mmmm, the muffins looks yummy~ Happy Spring!

  25. Nom, nom, nom... The pics are a big tease before breakfast:@)

  26. Oh, my, Lisa! These are all wonderful, but I would have to choose the biscotti! Lovely, lovely blog ~ I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  27. Well, I'll be back to follow you...your "followers" wasn't loading...

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