Friday, February 3, 2012


Here is a seldom seen peak into our Home
This is where we do our 
This would be considered our
Family Room....
this is where 
Friends & Family 

There are 17 rooms in our Home....
but, besides our kitchen &  our bedrooms
this is our most used room.
Probably because of our fireplace.
It's warm and comfy in this room!

I took down the last of the snowmen & cleaned up the fake snow I had on the mantel, those 2 white things hold whatever I might hang up there next or I might just remove them, I haven't decided yet!
Yes, my fireplace needs to be cleaned or painted, but having a fire right now is more important here during the winter it will have to wait!

 Especially on days like today....
dark & gloomy!

 I tend to sit here....
with a soft down pillow behind my back....
and my slanket over me.
Nice and toasty!
Do you have a spot to sit in your home?

 I like it because I can look straight at the fire.
This is where my hubby sits....
We both have our favorite spots!

Today seemed like a good day for a fire.
While I did a bit of laundry....
made a few beds....
and vacuumed!
Real Life Living right here!

What did you do today?

Now a little Update:
Still no car back! BUT, just after my last post about this car, the owner of the shop where it's at called.  He explained some of the reason it has taken so long and I listened, then I as calmly as I could explained our reasons for being upset.  He agreed it has taken too long, but seems the insurance company is the reason totally mostly to blame!  My husband later that day talked to our ins. reps. boss' boss....shame you have to go to so many different people....and Long Story short they are paying the bulk of our deductible.  Then today, my husband called and spoke with the owner of the shop and he explained to him (as he did to me) that he went thru all the "hoops" our insurance co. wanted him to and the car was not doing what it should electrically, it's a Toyota Camry, and he was not comfortable doing what the ins. co. wanted him to only to possibly have us return in 6 mths with problems.  So he insisted on re-wiring the whole car!  A part that had to be ordered directly from Toyota and at the cost of $2000.00 (on top of what it already cost for repairs, which the ins. co. were refusing to ok were trying to finagle!)  That has been the whole hold up! They wanted him to basically splice wires together!  I could go into more detail, but you are probably sick and tired of it so I will spare you.  But, then he told my husband he is going to cover the remaining amount of the deductible!!!!!  Yeah....finally we feel as though we are being taken care of!  He told my husband that the part isn't there yet, but probably will be by Monday.  It takes a FULL day to re-wire a car, so it should be done Monday.  My husband said, Well, we would rather you not rush this part...we don't want to turn on the radio and have the wipers start working....if it takes until Wednesday, what the heck we've waited this long!  


  1. At last some satisfaction with the car. Interesting story when you hear all sides.

    Ohhhh, cozy spot by the fire...the entire room is very pleasant. I could easily hang out there. If I bring some bread, do you have the tea?

  2. Cozy in deed! Looks like a great place for talking, reading or surfing the net.. lol.
    At least you know what the deal is with your car. I agree, let him take his time.

  3. Sounds like you are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Me and my husband both have our favorite spots that we sit as well. Mine faces the fireplace, my husband's faces the TV....big shocker huh?!

  4. A cozy spot in front of the fire always sounds good. Usually the dogs take the best seats in the house! Good luck with your car drama!


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