Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to do?....

We've all been there, I'm sure.  The kids grow-up and you find you no longer need the stuff that was so needed while they were doing the growing up!  You know what I mean right?
For instance this cupboard below....

 FULL of all those Disney VCR movies.  
They no longer watch them....
They don't seem to want them....
and I'm Pretty Certain,
that by the time I'm a
Grandma.....oh goodness!
There will be a whole new way
to watch these  
Wonderful Movies!

And don't even get me started on these....

And These 
I mean really, do you know how much money
I have hidden in these cupboards?
What do I do with them?
I want to start a new Project in 
this room....
No.... I'm Not Sharing 
right now!
But, first I need to know....
What do you suggest? 
I would like to donate,
but where....
Let me in on what you did?


  1. I would ask them to select ten books that they loved because those will be used by grands in the future, believe it or not. At least, it's true at my house. What about your local library? Do they have a yearly sale as mine does? Nearly any charity is good...very. Know anyone who is doing daycare? They often could use some new titles.

    Oh and I promise that I'm not sitting at your blog waiting for you to post. Ha! Next time, I'll give it a few hours at least. ;>

    1. Ha, ha....I would be flattered if you were, I enjoy your visits! Those are some great ideas....never thought of the daycare's. I think I just missed our Library sale, this wasn't on my mind then. Thanks for the ideas Vee!

  2. I was going to say the local library, too but a daycare would be a great idea. All that valuable storage...I wonder what you have planned?

  3. I would suggest a daycare or a preschool. I am a preschool teacher in a large church.
    So, my room is a shared space. Our books take a beating with all the children from
    church and preschool! Do keep some.... I have just become a grandmother and
    can't wait to read to Harper my kids favorites!!!

  4. I'd get rid of the videos but keep some of those books, especially the favorites. You will have fun reading them to your grand kids some day!

  5. I heard that the library will take the videos. I would keep the favorite books.
    I LOVE the battery candles. I only buy the ones with timers and from QVC or HSN. They are a bit more expensive...but worth every penny!!

  6. keep your favorites...those that you have great memories of...and donate the rest!


I would enjoy hearing from you!

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