Friday, December 9, 2011

Honey you should take my car....

and I'll go get you new tires today!
No I'll just take my car he said!

You may not be able to tell
from this picture,
but to left you see a road that is the end of
a hill, which then goes straight across
and down with trees
and electrical poles
and other stuff....

like the van in front of him that
also couldn't stop,
coming down that hill!
And the lady in the suv after him,
that steered clear of them,
and then was on her way.

He's just fine....
alittle sore from tensing up
ready for the impact.
Car wouldn't even start up.
But, they say it should
be ready by the end of next week.
And the guy in the van...
drove away with a bent muffler pipe.

coulda, woulda, shoulda....
left me his the car!
At least he'll be
Home tonight!


  1. Praise God for His protection!

  2. The damage doesn't look good. Still, it's great that no one was seriously hurt from all this. A car can be repaired or replaced, but a human body is much more fragile.

    Tyra Shortino


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