Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello Friends....

I'm still around. 
I take a peek at everyone's blogs.

Still no luck getting my pictures to work on
the computer for me.  But I am trying to be patient...
hard thing for me to be, patient!
But I am working on it.
Having 3 grown girls and 2 dogs
I have to be patient. 

I must admit I am having trouble
getting in the Christmas "spirit" this year!
Don't have the desire on this 1st day of
December to start putting away my
 Fall decorations,
and getting out my Christmas decorations.
I still have pumpkins on my front doorstep
& cornstalks on my pillars. 
Don't know why....
but, I do!
Although, you may notice
I did change my blog background.
Thought "maybe" it might get
me started....
we'll see.

Update to a previous post
seen here
sadly, my MIL has now
lost her vision almost completely.
She can only detect light.
We had them up for
and experienced what my FIL
has to live with everyday!
My husband is an only child,
so there is some "talking" that
has to be done on his part.
Very hard for him,
having parents that are
very independent people.
But are now
81 & 82
and live about 1 1/2 hrs away
from us.  Difficult decisions
to be made for sure!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Day
this first day of December!
I'll be getting the Spirit I'm sure
for the season from all of your
beautiful blogs!
See you in blogland!


  1. Hello Lisa, sorry you are still having trouble with your uploads. So many in blogland are experiencing problems, I pray your decisions will be helpful ones for all...Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. You have a beautiful family!

    Hugs and Best Wishes,

  2. Sometimes people are a very young and healthy 81 and 82 and others simply need some help. Thinking of you as you take steps toward future arrangements. Do the least amount necessary and that will usually put you in good stead. Miss you when you're not around. One step in decorating usually leads to another. Blessings as you begin! (I know how little you "feel" like it, though.)

  3. Dear one, you are not the only one trying to get in the spirit of the season. I have had trouble downloading photo's you are not alone there. Happy December to you.. :)

  4. How frustrating about the pictures! Is it a problem with your computer or with the blog? If it's a blog problem, I recommend switching browsers. I often toggle back and forth between Internet Explorer and Firefox - depending on who is having issues on which day! It's a fairly simple switch.


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