Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Better then me

What could be better then
Christmas you might ask?

to me, it's opening that first tote
full of Fall Goodness!
and seeing all the fun stuff to
decorate our Home with.

So you're Welcome to
come on in and see what I've started.

First things gotta be, my version of
a wreath on my door.
Can you believe that is one single
bunch of flowers?

and of course I have to have a
Great smelling candle going
to make our Home smell....
well, Homey!

Just a little vignette in our entry.


It's the little things....
like this mini pumpkin,
that I hope welcomes....


to our Home thruout the season?

This is one of my favorite spots to decorate.
A little nook under our staircase.
Hope your having fun decorating your Home!

We woke to 47 degrees, so Fall is definitely in the air!
And I'm Loving it!


  1. It is SO cozy!.. I bet it smells even better. Love all of it Lisa.

  2. I used to decorate for the seasons but the last several years I just haven't had the time....So I am truly enjoying viewing your wonderful autumn filled areas.

  3. Oh I agree so much!! Definitely the best Season of the year! Love your decorating. Put my autumn wreath on my door today, the rest will follow shortly!! xx


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