Friday, September 16, 2011

More Fall Goodness....

I don't live close to a BIG town.
I'm about 45 mins. to all the
great shopping areas and malls.
Last week I was looking thru my emails
and saw an offer I couldn't refuse!
The sale ended that day....
What's a girl to do....
when she can't get into the BIG town
and go to the actual store and take advantage of
this great offer in person....
on that day!

Well, this girl ordered what she wanted online!

and it arrived yesterday!
Now I must admit....
I am NOT a patient person!
When I want something....
I want it now!
No, not spoiled, just....
NOT patient!
But, for this I had to be
and it was sooo hard.
But, I made it and now I am....

 (Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin)

The offer was
get 2 of the large sized candles
from Bath and Body Works
for $10.00 each with,
$1.00 shipping IF
I spent $25.00.

So I did!

 (Pumpkin Caramel Latte)

I have never purchased the large sized
candles before.  But, for this deal
I thought, Why not!

 (Orchard Leaves)

I have however, purchased the
hand soaps.  This one is
the foaming kind.  I've never heard
of this scent before, so I thought I would
try it !

Can you guess which scent I'm enjoying this morning?

We dropped into the 30's for temps. last night.

This candle is putting me in the mood
for a trip to the coffee shop!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful smelling candle
in your Home today!


  1. Great deal! I bought my mom one of the large jar size candles. It was creamy pumpkin. I am still burning the cranberry woods candle.. the teeny tiny one. They last quite a while. Oh.. and its chilly here too!

  2. Just in case you ever want to order some carries these candles also. (or maybe HSN!) but one of them does...and they have great deals!!

  3. The cold dropped down from Canada and bit us all, didn't it? I can be like you...not spoiled, just not patient. I'm going to remember that line.

  4. Hey girl, stop by my blog when you get a minute. ;O)

  5. What a deal! I had to laugh at your last post...that tote is exactly what I'm looking at today. I have lit a fall smelling candle and am ready to bring on fall. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration. I am your newest follower.


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