Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Label Love....

I've been updating our kitchen the past few days.
I will be showing you more
pictures at another time.
But, I found these cute little letters....
I think I got them at Marshall's of all places.
And thought they would be cute to label
my canisters in my pantry.
So that's what I did!

~I gathered my supplies~
blue painter's tape
my label's
and of course,
my canisters.

marked them off at the height I
thought looked good

 I think they turned out cute!
Now maybe my hubby
the flour and the sugar
won't get confused!

Now on to the pasta, cereal, and other containers
in my pantry!


  1. I LOVE it Lisa, they look so cute. Love that font!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    A fun and wonderful idea! Your containers look great! They would make a great gift!
    Have a sweet day,


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