Monday, August 23, 2010

I Got It From My Momma.... along with the passing of our Mom, comes....for some unknown reason to me and a couple other sister's, the need to clear her things. My Dad....and I can only fathom why, one of my sister's believe this needs to be done now. Actually, they started weeks ago....and only after some fussing from me and another sister, have kind of put a halt to it....for now, Thankfully. You see, WE are just not ready, to "box up" and Goodwill things! My Dad has always been one of a, get rid of what's not being used kind of guy and my sister has that gene.
Always cleaning and getting rid of!
So of course, when I do get down to see Dad....I check out the "box" and see what I'd rather NOT go to Goodwill. This drying rack was one of them and I was looking for a few "vintagey" type things to decorate with in my laundry room....I think it fit the bill!

It is a metal ring with the clothespins permanently attached. The metal has patina-ed perfectly with that white-ish coating that metal gets.

Dad said, "I don't need it, I don't hang "panties" to dry!

I also acquired some extra clothespins, which I need to find a special jar or bowl to display them in. For now I hung this on my vintage towel drying rack, along with a brand new rooster towel purchased at my local Thrift Store for .99 cents.

My Mom's dearest, closest friend Klara, was German. She stitched things for my Mom on occasion in her language. Of course, unless told (and remembered by Mom) we could never tell what things meant. One thing I know of, was a pillow Klara made my Mom to hold after Mom had heart surgery. So when she coughed she had something soft to hold onto against her chest. I have not seen that pillow and hope that one of my sister's has it or maybe it is still tucked away and has not been found. But, on my last visit down I did rescue this from the Goodwill box and immediately claimed it as mine. My only problem is, I have no idea what it says! Maybe one of you could tell me. Then I could stitch it on the backside so I can remember what it says!

This beautiful pillow is nicely aged. The red is still a great red and the background is sort of a tea aged white. How could anyone, seriously, get rid of something like this of our Mom's?! Not me!
I do have a few other things that I have acquired. I don't have them placed quite yet in my Home where I want them, so I will share those another time. As the year passes on, I am sure there will be other things. Mom was a giver and a collector, not necessarily of valuable things, but like alot of us, things that interested her. Some don't hold those things to heart, maybe in the way I do. Thru the years, I have been given, by Mom, some of the more precious things to me. But, there are still things, that maybe are forgotten, that may now find there Home with me!
Just a little side note. My Mom's dear friend Klara passed just a few month's before Mom. We like to think they are together now, again, laughing, joking and talking, just like they used to! My Mom's heart was broken when Klara passed and it seems that's when she started going down-hill herself. I believe, she missed her friend terribly, just like we miss her now!


  1. I think it says slumber sweetly, but I'll check with my German friend before I say so. :D

    Lovely that you are finding treasures that mean something to you. Your mom would be pleased. I guess the packing up will depend upon your dad's desire to have the job done. Gentle blessings to you all...

  2. Thank you Vee! I do appreciate knowing and will wait to hear "for sure" that is what it says. But, I bet you are right!

  3. It does.... slummere is slumber.. and suss is sweet..
    "Sweet dreams"

  4. PS.. I love that your keeping her things. I so wish my family had not gone through all my grandmothers items, and just got "rid" of them. To some of us they are treasures.

  5. i just wanted o say what a great blog, i am new to blogging and i have spent too many hours today browsing your blog. i love your basset hound i have two myself. keep up the good work. angie

  6. Lisa I know this must be a difficult time for you all right now. I'm so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. My prayers are with you.

    The sweet little pillow is very beautiful.

    Have a blessed day.

  7. Well,'s all too familiar to me. I so clearly remember my mother-in-law having one of those drying racks. She would hang it in the kitchen near the old kerosene stove that served to heat the entire upstairs apartment where they lived in a huge, old Victorian.
    "Grandma Downstairs," as we had all dubbed her, lived in the entire downstairs all by herself. The other upstairs rooms were rented out to tourists. German and Dutch was my husband's family and there were many such items including embroidered pillows such as yours. When "Grandma Downstairs" died and soon after, my mother-in-law passed away, I was scrambling to save things. The rest of the family thought it to be old junk and had no interest. Luckily I salvaged the spinning wheel and some pine commodes and wash stands and a few small treasures. Who would think that decades later, I would live in a circa 1724 house and be able to give those things a real home!
    Good for you for having the heart and foresight to treasure what was beloved.

  8. I googled a German to English translator and "Slumber Sweetly" is what I found. Very pretty!

  9. Lisa, I am so sorry about your Mom's passing, I can only imagine how hard it is for you. You will treasure her treasures forever, good for you to want them.

    I am happy I found your awesome blog. I'll be back, I am sure!


  10. Hi Lisa,
    The pillow is a real sweet treasure! and how special that your Mom's best friend made it for her and now you have it..
    Have a restful day, hugs~Elizabeth

  11. Oh Lisa, I understand. My dad is still alive in my dreams and it's so weird when I wake up.


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