Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Sunday Drive....

Last Sunday we moved our daughter into her first apartment in her college town. On the way Home I asked my husband to take the back roads. I like to see the Amish farms, they keep them so clean and I have always been infatuated with them. I will not lie, I do like to peek at the Amish people too.

Why they are so fascinating, I don't know. Maybe because of the unknown.
Anyway, we were driving along and not really seeing any action. No buggies, no little children playing outside...nothing really. Just their beautiful homes and beautiful gardens. Then all of a sudden we came upon one Amish farm and there had to have been at least 30 buggies all in one area. Not a person to be seen. The house wasn't all that big and we wondered where all the people could be. You can kind of see some of the buggy tops in this picture below.

I must say, it's hard to do a drive by picture taking when your trying not to be noticed.
So you'll just have to picture it in your head.

Of course, I made my husband turn back and go by one more time, no I'm not a stalker! But, this time maybe 12 or so Amish women were walking from the barn to the house. It was such a neat sight! They were all dressed alike, in black dresses and pristine white aprons. I believe they had on black caps too. They seemed to be in two's. No children, no men....just these women. I really wanted to get a picture, but my other daughter was embarrassed. I guess, it would have been a bit awkward....almost stalkerish I admit. But, I've never seen anything like it before! I am guessing they were in the barn, probably for their service and it was time to get the Sunday meal ready for the others.

But, I do wonder....How do they know which buggie is theirs?


  1. What a neat sight! We have some Amish communities near us in Indiana. They make and sell the best furniture. I think they are probably used to people looking at them!

    Stop by if you have a chance~I'm having a giveaway!


  2. Lisa that was the home that they held church service at that sunday {they take turns each sunday} and after service they serve a light meal prepared by the women then head home to do their chores! And the young folks meet back at that home after chores to spend time together singing and playing games!
    Hugz, Dolly
    {P.S. our best friends are amish}
    What area where you in?

  3. I..think I would have risked daughters wrath...husbands also if needed...and taken the picture..even from a distance it could have been blown up a bit. sigh..oh well...another time. :)
    They are interesting. I have heard good and bad..but they are really interesting..and their simple life is attractive.

  4. What a great post. I have to admit that I'd have done the same as you. I'm not a stalker either, but I am very curious. I think it's fascniating to be able to live the way they do. I'm so glad Janie explained what was going on. Very cool!
    Patricia :o)

  5. Thanks Dolly. I've always had a curiosity also. I probably wouldn't have taken a photo either out of respect for their privacy.

  6. I truly love Amish country and I love their belief in God's Will, and working hard. I agree, since it was Sunday it was likely Sunday Worship.

  7. My son-in-law comes from Erie, PA. My daughter wanted to take a picture of a buggy coming toward them but her then boyfriend explained they see do not want their pics taken. When we were in Lancaster County, PA a few years ago, I took a picture of a buggy going down the road, away from me as I had been told that was not "disrespectful" as no faces could be seen. I believe all of us would like to get to know the Amish people better. I know I would. I have so much respect for their beliefs, especially as the "outer world" they shun, moves faster and faster and faster. I printed this from an Amish website if case anyone would like more information:
    "No photos or videos, please. Most Amish consider posing for photographs to be an unacceptable act of pride and do not allow pictures of themselves. The Amish will usually allow you to photograph their homes, farms, and buggies if you ask respectfully, but even this can be intrusive and is better avoided. If you must take pictures, consider a telephoto lens, and avoid taking any photos which include recognizable faces. A picture of the rear of an Amish buggy as it travels down the road probably won't offend anyone".

    In Lancaster, at the tourist train station, they give Amish buggy rides, around their community. Terry and I took the buggy tour. I remember something that really spoke to me: seeing an Amish man cutting his acre or so of lawn by horse pulled scythe as he walked behind. What special people the Amish are, aren't they?


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