Monday, January 18, 2010

Sinks, Faucets and Budgets Oh My....

Who knew you could be so EXCITED about getting a new kitchen sink? Well, I was....really, that's all I have wanted, basically, in my kitchen since we have moved here back in 2000! You see the people we purchased our HOME from had rented it out to a couple with two children. The kitchen itself was remodeled within the last two years at that time. So the sink itself wasn't old....BUT, someone must have cleaned it with something very caustic because the finish, it was a white acrylic sink, was totally gone on the bottom of the garbage disposal side of the sink. And the other side was somewhat damaged. At the beginning I could kinda, sorta bleach it and make it look decent....but then that didn't work anymore. And living in a HOME that was built in 1879 and being on a budget, cuz ya never know what may need fixin' in an older HOME, replacing the sink was not at the Top of our "priority list". You may remember me posting about my husband single handedly re-siding our HOME basically with no help.....except for myself, when I could be of any help at all. ANYWAY......I am so excited that the day finally came over the weekend to install, not only my new sink, which has been on my list of wants, but also a new faucet.

This is a distant shot of the OLD sink...and broken faucet.
I refuse to SHARE a picture close-up because of embarrassment.
The faucet handle for the cold was broken about 4 yrs ago by my MIL.
She was about 76 yrs old at the time, but she has always had very strong hands!!
Had the sink & faucet NOT had it's problems, of course I would have kept it. I had the stuff behind the sink, neatly displayed on a towel, because I was forever wiping up water and the towel soaked it up, for whatever reason, not installed correctly or what, I don't know. Anyhoo.......
This is the faucet I really wanted. But, when we held it up to our new stainless sink at the store, it just didn't look right to either of us.

This is DH assessing the work site....
Hmmmm, may need some adjusting....

Yep, had to bring out a power tool or so to make this new sink fit.
Isn't that the way it always goes?

Okay, the sink looks like it will fit now, so we try out the new faucet....
choice number two. We like the high-arc stainless steel faucet, but....

It didn't quite fit over to the "other side" far enough. We would forever be wiping up water or splashing all over the counter.
So back it goes!

And this is the finished project!
It took what seemed like all day to install, because of having to re-cut the opening and running back to the store and trying to pick out a faucet we both liked. But we ended up getting a higher end faucet, clearanced, then we normally would have picked. Neither of us "thought" we wanted
a faucet with a handle like this....but, after using it for a couple days now, I REALLY like it!
And I really like not having all the "stuff" behind my sink. Now it can be used for what it was meant eating area. There are stools under that side and there was never space before.
Now I need to paint my kitchen a new color and new counters are in the works too!
All in time, because after all we are on a budget!


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you finally achieve a redo you have been waiting a long time for. Your sink area looks great now!! It was like that for me and my counter tops. Had laminate for 10 years and got my granite this past fall. I appreciate it so much more since I had to wait for it!

  2. Yeah....that looks really good! I liked the faucet you "dreamed" of too....but the one you chose looks better in the area. :)

  3. Isn't it just great when a dream comes to fruition?!

  4. I know you are loving the new faucet! Looks great!


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