Monday, January 18, 2010

Going For Gold & A Thorn In MY Side....

Okay, in yesterday's post I mentioned wanting to paint my kitchen. It has been this color for about 7 years and although I do really like it....I need a change!

You know how that is right?

So this is the current wall color thru out our kitchen. It is a red color with a wash technique that I did all by myself! Can you tell I am proud? LOL

But my cabinets are a boring wood (at least I think they're boring) and my husband WILL NOT let me paint them. So I want to try and warm up the room and compliment the wood, so I am going for GOLD!

~I like AF-350~

It's called tumeric!

It will be a couple weeks before I get to that project, but I wanted to share my plan!

Now onto something I CANNOT believe I am SHARING!!!!!!

We have two counters meant for eating at....notice I said meant!
This one is THE THORN IN MY SIDE!!!

And I am OPEN for any and all suggestions! I have tried EVERY POSSIBLE THING I can think of to make this one counter as organized and de-cluttered looking as I possibly can and so far

NOTHING has worked. No pretty basket, no container, no putting it in a cupboard....okay, nothing! So If I am missing something.....DO TELL!

Just be the nice blogger friends I know you are and understand, that I believe, we all have or had an area in our HOME that probably looks like this!

Okay, here eyes are shut but I am peeking out for your reaction!

Worst end of the counter, where DH drops ALL (if I am lucky)!

Clear container holds whatever meds he NEEDS everyday so it's right there and he won't forget.

Pile of papers on corner....mail he needs to do something with that I can not take care of on my own....but somehow gets left there FOREVER, until I get so frustrated with it I do whatever with it!

Kids end of counter....stuff from the day ends up here!

bobby pins, half eaten candy, crayons from a project, charging cords etc.

PLEASE tell me we all have an area like this!!

And if you CONQUERED it....

Let me in on your secret!

And then FORGET I ever showed you this!


  1. O dear Lisa...we ALL have areas like this.
    I will do a post on MY disaster fact, you should do a Mr. Linky and have a DISASTER DAY. Then we could get tons of ideas on how to handle them!! :O)

  2. oops..I forgot to say I love the gold you chose. I think it's a pretty color.

  3. I really like the red, but I "get" that you want to change things up a bit. I'm a clean freak, so I drive myself crazy tidying up all the time. Sometimes there is just a need to have things were they are, maybe this is your case. Have you given any thought to a "mud" room. I see many pictures where a certain area of the home, say near the garage, back door, etc. is turned into the "catch all" area. A place for coats, keys, purses, shoes. Some baskets to hide and organize items. Just a suggestion.

  4. Sorry, no help here! LOL It looks like my kitchen counter. Right down to hubbies meds. (Except they aren't in a container of any kind.)Honey, it's just a home and real people live in it. I try to comfort myself by saying, "Self. One day these girls will be gone and when I look at my clean counters, I'll miss their mess." Ha ha! Really, I keep telling myself that and one day I'll really believe it!
    As for the new gold color...I painted my entry way, lower and upper hall a VERY similar color. I have Honey Oak wood floors, banister and trim. The gold color really warmed the dark hallway. I LOVE it. I'm trying to work up the ambition to repaint my sad and neglected bedroom. But, there always seems to be something else to do first.

  5. Lisa

    I just found your blog this evening and am enjoying reading some of your past posts. I had a suggestion for the counter top vs. clutters last stand.
    First off find a spot for these items and make a home for them there... AND
    Second... light a candle and put it in the spot where clutter develops (don't leave it unattended). The candle will deter any would be clutterers from dropping their personal items and remind them to put the items away in the new home.

    For this to work-- you have to let the family know where that new home is for their personals.

    and ... the candle smells nice and looks pretty!

  6. Lisa,
    Where does everyone enter the house? We come from the garage into the kitchen in our house. Luckily the coat closet is close by....papers go on the counter until we go through the mail....if mail is not gone through by early evening it goes in each person's "personal" drawer in the utility room. We have a decorative dish for car keys to go husband came up with this idea because I could never find my keys in the I always know where they are at.
    If you come in through the garage you might attach some sort of baskets to the wall in the garage for each person and then they can dump their stuff there before they come into the house.

  7. oh my counter is WAY worse!! my piles make your piles look great!! sad and true! I even bought these three great low book shelves and put them near the counter to absorb the counter piles... somehow... they are full and the counter remains piled high! One of my 'goals' this year is to get a grip on my counter & find the perfect sorting/storage solutions!! wish me luck!


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