Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Stuff....

I have no new pictures to show. Just living life, day by day as life demands. So many things happen, having 3 girls, 4 cars and a HOME that constantly needs sprucing. This month so far has been a stressful one in all those areas. One daughter's car has had to have 2 new computer systems put in it, all within 2 1/2 weeks of each other. First one was just a used get it as cheap as we could, but make sure it works kind of thing. Only to have it die while she was in a car wash on her way back to college one night. The second one took 2 weeks to get, but it comes with a warranty....for 12 mths or 12,000 miles! She has no current plans on washing her car ever again, these things aren't cheap even when used!

Oldest daughter 2 days later had her car broken into....window broken, police called and IPOD and GPS stolen, hard lessons learned there, as we advised her to take those items in her apartment at night. Sometimes we still know what we are talking about don't we parents!! Ended up there were 4 teenagers arrested not too far from where she lives, the next day. Seems they have been doing this in her area for the past 3 mths. The house they were arrested at had 100's of gps', ipods, laptops and stuff. Coincedence...maybe, but the policeman said "unofficially" he thinks it is probably that group that robbed her. She just happens to still have the original boxes these items came in, so she has serial numbers for proof of what is hers. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Last weekend I went to get gas in my new car and came home with a 3 1/2 inch screw/bolt in one of my "brand new" tires. Needless, to say my husband wasn't happy. Would you be able to see that laying in the road?? He got over it until we found out it could not be repaired and had to order a whole brand new tire. Why are tires sooo expensive?

This weekend we spent getting the last of the outside stuff taken care of. We got all of the wet and slippery leaves raked and put into the street. We have had our share of rain and in that have discovered a leaking window. How do these things happen from season to season? It's a mystery to me! Late July we "custom ordered" a storm door for our main entrance to our HOME. Custom ordered being the key words! It took 6 weeks to arrive and was "professionally installed" as recommended by the wonderful people at Lowe's. Good thing we did that, because now we have to go and re-custom order another door. Seems somehow the gentleman mismeasured or something and there is a huge gap under my door that requires me to put one of those draft dodgers under it. That was the whole reason we purchased the door, was to not have to use those things or plastic around the door during the winter months. But it will be fixed....I just hope it doesn't take another 6 weeks, the snow will be flying for sure!

Well, that is about the extent of my life this month. Along with dodging the flu bug. My youngest daughter has had a touch of it and our school district was closed Wed. thru Fri. last week. My husband has had it, but with no fever, just all the other stuff. Me I am hanging on to my health for now, typically not one to get sick. Hope it stays that way!

I hope this post wasn't too boring and finds all of you in good health and safe surroundings!


  1. Hi Lisa! What a fun post - I so enjoyed reading about your weekend. Mine was much the same. Oh and my Mallory turns 14 in couple weeks! Teenagers!!!! Help!

  2. Lisa~~

    Sounds like you have realy been down on your luck in the car department. This will pass. I once heard someone say to ask yourself in a small crisis, 'Will this matter next month, next year?'. If not, then don't let it eat at you. It sounds easier said then done, but I am just trying to put a smile on your face!

    Stop by some time...


  3. Oui! Time to pull the covers over your head!

    Hope you Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Wow sounds like you had a lot going on the last few weeks. Hope everyone has recovered by now. Stay safe. We had a rash of break-ins over the summer. Kids stealing GPS and stereo
    equipment from one car after another. Luckily they missed us but it sure makes you worry..

  5. Lisa,
    It must just be "that time of year" when we feel all kinds of "things" piling up on us...just like the leaves.
    Before long everything will be covered with shiny bright snow and make everything look clean and new.....
    well, at least we can hope.
    I enjoyed hearing about what's been going on with you....even if it hasn't been a great ride these past few weeks.

  6. These kinds of things are exactly the things that hold me back from my blog. I think my life is too boring because that is all that seems to happen here! But, it wasn't boring at all reading yours. It felt like I was catching up with a dear friend and that's all. Life is just so daily sometimes! Guess I better go work on my blog.....

  7. Whats the saying "When it rains it pours". Gary had a flat tire in the truck and so we had to replace all four tires just last week (they were old tires and the other three were bound to go too)and yes tires are expensive.
    Yes, life just takes us away at times. I remember when my girls were at home we were always coming and going also Gary was doing a lot of performing then too, so we were on the road a lot.
    Take care and enjoy your day,


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