Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday....

to my Mom!
She is the strongest, most spirited woman I know!
She is a Mother to everyone and loved by all! She turns 79 today and we have been very lucky to have her still with us. She has had many occasions where we thought we might not be so lucky....but, let me tell you she has the will to live like no other! She had heart surgery about 18 yrs ago and had to have a mechanical aorta valve put in and one bypass. She had what they called a mild stroke many years before that and was also told she was diabetic. She has had many, so many we have lost count, congestive heart failures where she would spend weeks at a time in ICU and the outcome looked very grim....we still have her. About a year or so ago she had kidney failure and had to do dialysis twice a day. She was told she would be on that for the rest of her life....she was on it 3 months! She has gone down in her weight and not on purpose to 113 lbs (about 165 lbs normal for her) and I think now she might be about 122 lbs, hard to see my mom so frail. Her memory isn't always the best, but we deal with it and just gently remind her of the correct answer to whatever we may be talking about. She has lost partial sight in one eye, yet she still crochets to keep her hands busy. She still loves to shop, although she tires easy. She is the Mother of 6 children and still enjoys her grandchildren all 21 or so of them and her greats who I think number in the 20's as well. I do believe they are what give her the fight to live. She will never complain or let you know she is not feeling so well. She is the strongest woman I know and I Love Her deeply!
Happy 79th Birthday Mom and I hope to celebrate many more with you!
I Love You Always,


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mother! Please tell her that someone in Ohio wishes her a happy day. She is blessed to have a daughter like you!!

  2. What a blessing! Happy birthday mom you raised a beautiful daughter.

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear sweet mother. Please let her know that someone also from Indiana wishes her a special day.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom and many more. I wish her all the best in good health! What a lovely woman!


  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom and I hope she has many more healthy years ahead.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Lisa! Happy Birthday Mom. You have raised a lovely daughter!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I wish her many many more.

  8. Happy Birthday to Mom , who is such a pretty lady. My Dad just celebrated his 80th on Oct. 23.
    It is a blessing to have our parents with us, my Dad also had bypass surgery 2.5 yrs ago and a pace maker just about a year ago, so I can totally understand your deep feeling of love and gratitude for her life.
    God bless her,

  9. Lisa,
    Just came across your blog, its lovely. That's such a sweet post about your mam, she looks very well for 79, she also looks very elegant. Hope she had a wonderful birthday.

    All things nice...

  10. Happy Birthday to your dear sweet mother. Please let her know that someone also from Indiana wishes her a special day. Work from home India


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