Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Still Here....

and I hope you are too!
I have missed posting, but have been very busy re-doing my 2nd daughter's bedroom. Now that she is back in college and things are settling back into a routine. I have spent the last few weeks, between other responsibilities and volleyball with my youngest (whose in her freshman year of H.S.) , working on getting her room "in order" so it's both presentable and more relaxing for her when she does come HOME. I hope she likes it! We picked out most of the bedding together this summer, but didn't get around to getting it done until now. The before color scheme of her room was what we called PEPTO Pink. Everything from the bedding to the curtains were pink, pink, pink! We think she picked this color out around 6th grade.....she's now in her second year of college.
Time for a change....don't you agree?

Here is a sampling of the before color.

Here is the after, in light.
Mocha and Bungalow Blue

This is the bedding, a duvet cover set.

(sorry it's blurry)

And of course the windows. It is a large room, so it can stand the darker colors on the wall. In person it does not appear as dark as it seems in this picture. But very soothing and relaxing, to me anyway! I put the bed up on risers and I found the scrolley thing at Hobby Lobby a while back for about $8.00, she has no headboard so this serves as one along with the Euro pillows. I still have some decorating to do like pictures, new lamps, new rug and maybe some candles and stuff. I want this to be a very relaxing room for my daughter as well as any guests that may come to stay sometime.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I always enjoy the visit!


  1. Looks fantastic, I LOVE those colors.. nice bedding too!

  2. I love the colors in the room, very soothing and peaceful. I bet she can't wait to come home and visit and try out her new "adult" bedroom.
    Glad to see you back!

  3. Oh wow I love it. The colors are so cozy. Great job and im sure she will feel so special!

  4. Wow, I hope she appreciates this, it looks great. Love the colors and the metal art above the bed too.

  5. Simply gorgeous! The headboard idea is just brilliant! Really nice job...

    :) T

  6. Great job Lisa! The room looks so cozy now. Me and my husband are renovating our new home now, my 4-years-old daughter insisted she want a pink room and everything pink pink pink. (LOL)

  7. Terrific job, Lisa. Love the new colors.


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