Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye Spring....

I don't know about where you live, but my beautiful Spring flowers are ready to leave. So, I thought I would get one last picture in and share with you a little bit more of my yard. Here is the last of my lilacs for the year and they smell delicious! This variety (unknown) is very delicate and does not do well if cut for a bouquet. But makes for a beautiful outdoor bouquet!

I found this little statue about 7-8 yrs ago and at the time it reminded me of my youngest daughter. So I had to have her!

I am not certain what kind of bush this is, but it flowers first and then gets it's leaves. This is the last flower on the whole bush and it's still beautiful!

This as you may know is a flowering quince. It has the most brillant red flowers and then it does bare fruit, but I have never done anything with the apples. I don't even know if they are truly eatable!

Here are the last of my Tulips.... they still make a beautiful corner to this part of my garden!

A touch of pink!

This is my Garden Angel. She has seen better days, but she still enjoys watching over my flowers. I bought her at TJ Maxx about 3 yrs ago.
I hope you enjoyed my end of Spring Garden Tour. Please check back for some summer flowers that are popping up in my yard.


  1. It's kinda bitter sweet this time of year, isn't it? Good because we know that summer is coming and bad because we know that Spring has come and gone so fast. Enjoy

  2. So Pretty... love the yard art too!

  3. Yes, good bye spring is right,I got one good vase full of lilacs and then they were gone, soooo sad!! Hope you are well!!

  4. I hate to see spring come to an end. I love the summer, but the cool breezes and first blooms of spring are hard to beat.


  5. I believe your bush with the white flowers is a Gardenia.


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