Friday, May 22, 2009

Garage Sales....

All of the items, except the quilt throw and the two green pillows I purchased today at garage sales. I am quite proud of my purchases and think they will have a perfect place in my HOME!
Bet you can't guess what I spent for these items....

Bluebird picture $1.00

Basket .25 cents

small candle ring wreath $2.00

(store tag still attached)

Bunny alphabet pillow $4.00
Love it!

Little Bunny pillow $2.00
Love it too!

Mirror .50 cents

Stitched print $1.00
Someone's hard work, love this!

Chopper $3.00
For daughter's new apartment.

Pampered Chef spoon rest .50 cents
Maybe for daughter's new apartment.

Extra Large Spoon and Fork
$2.00 each
For a GRAND Total of $16.25!
Not bad for a days hunt!
Also, how do you like my new header?
My daughter helped me with it today!
Thank you Hillary!


  1. LOVE the that a bunny weathervane?? I'm jealous! And those are some great finds. I love bunnies and alphabets--and you found them together. Lucky!

  2. love, Love, LOVE the bunny pillows!!! And... if I ever break my zyliss chopper I would cry and cry....I never thought I could love a gadget so much!

  3. Love your new header! What great finds...I need to hit some sales! That spoon rest was a steal...I love mine. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love the new header, and you got some great finds! I'm going to post mine too, I got some great deals also.

  5. You are out of control....spending all that money!! Great deals, don;t you just love a deal!! Chrissy

  6. Boy, remembering the giant fork and spoon really tell our age don't they? I love them!!! Come and check out my blog for my garage sale deal of the summer (wicker furniture) and pics of the sale I just had on Friday!
    Love your blog

  7. Love those garage sales!:) Great deals make me smile.:)

  8. WOW! A PAmpered Chef spoon rest for 50 cents!!!!
    Good job!!!

  9. You scored some great things, Lisa! I don't see anything there that won't go with your decor. Wow. This reminds me that it is garage sale season. I usually get a more local newspaper, circle the ones I like and then make a mental map. Oh, fun!!

    I love the new header! A great way to showcase the many things that say you (including you new little basket and bird picture!). Hooray for you!!


  10. Love your new header! And wowowow you got some great items for sure. I love the little bird print and the two bunny pillows. I have seen those large spoon and forks decorating some great homes here in blog land. Can't wait to see yours displayed.

  11. Those are gorgeous items! Truly I have never seen such fine items at any garage sales I've visited. Thanks for sharing them here.


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