Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Last BIG Thing....

to do on our HOME is this porch! I love this porch! It is closed off, so to speak, from being able to directly access it from the street which makes it feel private, almost. It holds my porch swing and my wicker furniture. I have a lamp on there that I turn on at night, which makes it feel like another room. It's nice to sit out there and read a book or just "people watch".

My husband had to rebuild all of the little slats surrounding the bottom of the porch. They had sunk into the ground thru the years and had rotted. This porch when we bought our HOME, was being supported by 3 cinder blocks. So of course new footings were poured and now it is sturdy again. My husband also had to rebuild the railings and now will be concentrating on the ceiling, which right now there basically is none. I would love to have this porch screened in, but Mr. Fix-it does not agree at this time. So for now I will still enjoy my porch and work on getting her all painted and refreshed....she deserves it for all the enjoyment she brings to me!


  1. Oh I just love your beautiful porch. I have a screened in porch and love it. I don't use it as much as I should though. You have a beautiful home.

  2. Lisa~What a wonderful place to sit and enjoy life!
    Why is it that husbands can not see the potential of a screened in porch! My hubby is the same way!
    Your husband did an awesome job rebuilding it you have to give him high marks there! LOL
    Your home is beautiful!

  3. Love the porch! What a great place to sit, relax,read, people watch, talk.. just wonderful!

  4. what a lovely place to watch the world go by!

  5. O, Lisa, your home is so beautiful. A dream home for most women, I think.
    I adore your porch...wonderful place to sit and watch life....
    xo bj

  6. All the work on your porch is well worth it, Lisa. I would be sitting out there constantly, all I would need is an iced tea and a good book!!

    My home in Chicago is a typical walk~up, but when we renovated the lake house in Michigan, I got my big front porch!! Over the winter I ordered a set of wrought iron furniture from So far iI have not opened the box and almost can't remember what it looks like! And soon I will have to scout out cushions, a tough thing when I have to consider size, color and price. But I am so excited about spending quiet time there!

    Have a great week, Lisa! :-D


  7. Hi Lisa,

    Your home is so lovely! and the porch is a perfect greeting place. Your garden also is lovely with all the pretty color and the many flowers all blooming.
    Enjoy your day,

  8. What a beautiful home you the porch and the taper of the chimney...such lovely details. It's wonderful to have a handy hubby that's for certain!


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