Friday, May 15, 2009

My Great Buys....

both at Goodwill and Kohl's!
I was out and about yesterday and decided to stop into
a Goodwill Store I had never been in before. I was looking for
a Tupperware spaghetti holder, of all things. Do you know how hard
it is to find those things? Anyway, there on the shelf was a Tupperware
spaghetti holder just calling my name, for only a $1.99. I was sooo excited!
So I was just browsing around the area and came across this "like new"
braided rug, perfect for my porch by my swing. Cost $7.99, I thought that was
a pretty good price since brand new probably would have been around $29.99,
I'm guessing!
So I carried my finds up to the register to pay and saw a
group of Red Hat Ladies a few registers over. Just next to them I spotted
something that took me out of the line and before I knew what I was doing
I grabbed a hold of this and it was mine! You can not blame me for this, as
I know alot of you have it or have wanted to have one as well!

And for only $19.99 and it perfect condition it is a perfect addition to my

Now for this pretty little wooden tray, I found this at Kohl's one day last week while shopping with one of my daughters. The tag said the original price was $34.99 (I personally would never have paid that much for it), but I got it for a whopping $6.99! I just love it on my porch, I think it is the perfect accent to my wicker furniture! And the best thing about all of my great finds is that my DH likes all of them....especially the prices!


  1. Ok, that settles it... I'm shopping with you from now on!!!

    Can I have your address? I promise I won't steal that adorable bunny! I swear! LOL!

  2. Oh wow.. what great finds.. LOVE all of them. Super great prices.

  3. Love the bunny weathervane - I would have lost my place in line for that too!

    Great bargains :)


  4. Yes, those are great finds! I LOVE your porch floor. Those blue painted boards are wonderful!! Very vintage cottage chic!!

  5. You absolutely made out like a bandit at GW!!!
    That rug is awesome...and I would have snatched that rabbit up too! Dang...It was definately your day yesterday!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. You did grab some steals and deals, girl! Hope you have a great weekend. If I haven't thanked you lately...then please know that I really appreciate you following my blog. I don't always have time to return a lot of comments, but I appreciate each and every blogger that visits.

  7. O O O OOOOOO, i am just beside myself for a rabbit weather vane...I just LOVE did really great on your thrifting spree...

  8. Love your finds! I am a bassett lover, too, had one name Barney who we still pine for!

  9. What great finds! I love the rabbit weather vane, it's really neat! Thanks for checking out the new patio, we are really enjoying it. I think your right about the bird, I found it in a book I forgot I had. Looks like a blue bunting to me too! The bird you had in your yard was sure pretty. Kristen

  10. Hi Lisa,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your finds!

  11. What wonderful finds and new treasues. I enjoyed visiting!


  12. What great finds! I need to find that shop in my neck of the woods here in MI. I also saw a Grosbeak in my yard last week. I also had an Orielo stop by! OH...saw my first hummingbird today! Spring really is on the way despite the frost advisory tonight.

  13. Great finds, love the rabbit and the rug looks great.

  14. Hi Lisa
    You got some good finds there. I love the rabbir! Hope you enjoy your day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  15. What great finds; I especially love the rug and weathervane.

  16. You made out really well, Lisa, especially with the Tupperware bowl, of all things. And the rest I would have snapped up as well!

    I keep telling myself to look in the phonebook for a Goodwill. I have much to donate also. Someday soon!! ;-D


  17. Oh Lisa you lucky girl! I like everything you found. Yes, I'm searching for one of those bunnies too. I'm glad you didn't have to wrestle the Red Hat Ladies. :)

  18. Wow you found some great bargains. I love the tray. You have a very nice house. Can't wait to see the porch when it's all finished.


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