Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's All Because of This Guy.....

I saw him in a warehouse type of shop about 5 years ago and I had to have him. Because of him I have a theme in my kitchen. He keeps an eye out for whatever happens in this area of our home.

The Chef!

We love him! He holds little coffee beans in his frying pan and a candle that glows during the evening hours. Adds a bit of ambience!

Pierre'!! Oui, Oui!!

This guy hangs out by our phone next to our window seat.

These guys do a fine job watching over the pots and pans. Typical chefs though....they don't wash them! The poor guy on the shelf looks a bit strained doesn't he! He should be holding something....oops!

This guy watches everything that goes into the Dining Room, to make sure it is perfecto!! (Shh...don't tell him he is really a candle.) The shelf was purchased at T.J. Maxx and is acutally hung upside down. The bottom...actually top, is black and white little tiles. Because black and white is part of my color scheme I wanted to be able to see it....too bad you can't in this picture! Sorry!

I even have a wire chef over the door into my laundry room. Can you tell I like chefs yet??

Okay, this might be the last picture......of chefs anyway!

These 4 pictures were purchased, I believe, at Marshall's about 4 years ago. Of course I couldn't resist buying all 4 of them to take up the size of that wall. So far it has worked for me.... I think anyway! They are the main focal point of my kitchen from the 3 rooms that are viewed from the kitchen. Hope you enjoyed a tour of my chef themed kitchen! What theme if any do you have in your kitchen? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about your home! Thanks for stopping!


  1. Hi Lisa. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for such a heart-warming comment. I never imagined I would meet such nice people when I entered blog land a few months ago. Your words were very much appreciated.

    The chef is too cute by the way.

  2. Hello, Lisa, just wanted to come over and say thank for coming to see me today. I hope you will come back often...
    I love your chef themed kitchen. I don't really have a theme...but I do have red cabinets and black and white tile...and just LOVE it all..:O) Hoping to see more of your kitchen sometime...
    Oh, and I am following you so that we won't get lost from ea. other...SO MANY BLOGS and I am pretty slow getting around but will try to get back as often as I can...
    xo bj

  3. Thanks for coming by and your kind words.

  4. Your kitchen is adorable. I saw a little peek of the laundry room too. Really cute!


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