Monday, February 2, 2009

Kitchen Fun....

Somewhere along the way I must have deleted some pictures, Oops !

I stopped by a fun store today and found these plates
for my plate rack in my kitchen.

Have you ever heard of Big Lots! ?
They were only $6.00 and perfect for my kitchen.

I am a coffee drinker, so these plates are perfect.
Adds a bit of whimsy too, don't you think?
Right above one of the doors in my kitchen.
I like to change out the plates for different seasons.
These will be here most of the time though I think.
Thanks for stopping! Hope to see you again soon!


  1. Lisa, I love your new plates and the way you placed them over the creative!

  2. Love those plates! Love Big Lots, too! We don't have a Big Lots out in the country where we live now. *sigh* Next time I go into Dallas, I'm going to Big Lots! They are perfect over your door!

  3. Beautiful plates and they look perfect over your door. I love Big Lots. We have one here, right next to Tuesday Morning, with a cute little thrift store on the other side. I can get into trouble at this little shopping center - haha!

  4. What a darling bistro theme :)
    I really enjoyed browsing your blog.

  5. Those plates are adorable...and yes, I've heard of Big Lots...I love that store.

  6. I love your plates. One of my favorite subjects - coffee!


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