Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ho Hum Kind of Day....

Once I got my daughter off to school today, I had to go grocery shopping. I am finding that I'm not that fond of the grocery shopping experience anymore. Not that I ever really was, but more so now for some reason. It is just another chore that has to be done. I think I am fresh out of meal ideas. Tired of the same ol', same ol'! You see, I don't enjoy cooking. I am a decent cook and I have my great home cooked meals. My husband is an excellent cook, he can make a gourmet meal out of anything. Did you ever see the show a few years back called Door Knock Dinners? That would be my husband....not actually the guy that hosted the show, but the whole.... take what you have from your fridge or your freezer and your pantry and make a gourmet sort of meal out of it all. Not me! I need a recipe of some sort....and it just doesn't relax me. So I go to the store and buy the food....okay, I do have a meal in mind and more often then not I am the cook. But that's about it! Why is it like that for me? Shouldn't all women enjoy cooking? Do you enjoy cooking?
I got home and unloaded and put it all away....actually got dinner in the oven. Then the mail arrived and I could take a moment to sit with this........
There are some very nice things in this catalog. Beautiful things in fact! Then I thought I would get on Blogland and see what is new. There was a new post from a new blog (to me) and you should stop by it was quite fun. It was from Brenda at Country Romance From the Heart. Thru her post today I found out I am a.......

Blueberry Muffin! That's right....a Blueberry Muffin and the description fit too! Or at least I think it does!

If you stopped by her blog...What kind of muffin were you? If you haven't go and check it out, it was fun! Thanks for stopping, hope to see you again soon!

Sshhhh!! I would rather start the fires in the DH is not the best at that!! Can you say role reversal?? LOL


  1. Good morning, dear one...first, you must have really loved half time at the Super Bowl...I see that you love Bruce!! Me, too...
    And, girl, there's a world full of women that don't like to cook. I happen to love it and love baking even more. I don't like cleaning house, tho...I find all kinds of excuses to not do going thrifting...blogging...napping...playing...
    xo bj

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by Life At Home and welcome to blogging. I'm having a bit of a blogging break for a bit but I do try and get around to visit when I can.
    I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. Many hours spent brousing cook books and cooking shows but not so many actually cooking. My husband is Italian and I am very English so we have different tastes. Over the years I've been learning to be more creative in my cooking. We live in, what I call Little Italy so the markets around us do inspire me and I can whip together a pretty good meal when i have to. Now that the kids are all grown and out of the house though we do find ourselves eatting out more than we probably should.

  3. I, too, don't always enjoy cooking, but I love, love, love to go grocery shopping. Isn't that weird? I like going down the isles in really nice grocery stores and looking at all the different kinds of items, especially the fancy things (although I rarely buy them). Baking is my thing. I never found a cake recipe I didn't love! Amy :)

  4. thanks for playing in the giveaway...Feb 11 should be a really fun day here on the homefront.

    I'm in the Chicago burbs... it's so fun meeting someone close to home

    let's chat

  5. Hi Lisa, I can totally relate...I'm starting to hate the grocery shopping thing myself, and when it comes to cooking I'll try anything to make it as easy as possible. I'd rather be hooking!


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