Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We're Finally starting on the Laundry Room...

Welcome Back!
Wow, I haven't done a post about our Laundry Room in a long time. Maybe this post from the past will explain Why? Well, this past summer I had finally had enough with this hold everything that no one wants to deal with room, I mean really! Enough! So I said, Why don't we pull up that nasty old rug...

Luckily my husband was on board for the job and
 it actually came up way easier then we thought.

But then we had this...
all the old adhesive!

Our daughter happened to be at Menard's so we called her up and
she picked up some adhesive remover for us and the fun work began.

We did it in smaller sections to keep it under control.
We had a routine and it really went quite quickly!

Then skip forward a week or TWO few days and our daughter was Home. 
Again, I got this idea in my head that this counter that seemed to gather all kinds of CRAP unwanted stuff.....Had to Go!
I mean really, It was just a junk collector of all kinds of things. Not what I intended when we moved here 16 yrs ago. It was going to be this neatly kept place to stand and fold all the laundry that a family of 5 can accumulate on any given day. But that isn't how it worked out and Now we are Empty Nesters...time to Update!
The lady that lived here before us had a hair salon and that pipe stuff you see
 hanging out was where her sink was attached. 

So Amanda was quick to help with Demo Day!
She now is a Homeowner and has done quite a few things to her own Home.
She Loves a good DEMO!

We believe this room was the Original Kitchen when it was built back in 1879.
That is very old, very rough subway tile under the window with the holes for what was probably the sink and then a soap holder built in. Then of course the old radiator.
 We still heat our Home with a boiler system that we updated about 10 yrs ago. It's an up and down kind of temperature during the winter months. If I set the heat anything over 63 degrees it's way too warm in here, especially upstairs. 

At some point, peg board type stuff was put up (not by us) and it was papered in contact paper. I painted over it years ago to cover up the fruit theme. It worked for the time I needed it. But now it's gone! Yes!

After a little bit of wallpaper picking (I think there were at least 3 layers of old paper)
and a good mopping of the tile floor (which is the original little tiny tiles) we were
good to go! 

Just having that much done felt so good. The room opened right up and I can't wait to show you all the things we are doing to bring this Laundry Room up~to~date. It has needed to be done for a long time! But Life happens, you know!

As always, Thank you for stopping by!
Stay tuned for updates...there will be a few!

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