Monday, August 11, 2014

My New Ironstone....

Is it a Chamber Pot
or a 
Slop Jar?
Hmm, I would rather think Slop Jar, to me it just
sounds better don't you think?  It makes me think of
Victorian woman putting their vegetable peels in this
beautiful ironstone jar with a shiny black handle and
a matching lid and then having there husband or son 
take it out to the farm animals to add to their feed.
But, that is not what a slop jar was used for.....

 they were actually used, according to the Merriam~Webster dictionary
:  a large pail used as a chamber pot or to receive waste water
 from a washbowl or the contents of chamber pots

Not very kitchen friendly sounding really, although
that is where I have decided to use mine. 

 I wasn't real sure at first where I would use it and for what. 
But, it is in great shape, although minus the lid. But that's okay with me!
The lady in the shop where I found it suggested, with a giggle, using it
for kitchen utensils. I have to admit I wasn't thinking in those terms.
But, when I got it Home and washed it out really well, I tried it out
and I liked it!
 And so did my husband, he's the Chef so that meant alot!

 It has a really pretty design.....

 and Great curves.....

 not to mention this great perfectly worn black handle!

 I'm in Love!

 I got it for a Great price too!
I've seen similar for well over $100 with chips and cracks.
This has one!
I've been finding some really great ironstone pieces that I 
will be showing you soon.  I also found this ironstone soap dish.

 It looked really bad, but I took a magic eraser sponge to it
and it cleaned up very nice.  So I decided it would make a
great spoon rest!  

Nothing fancy, but I love it!
What do you think of my use of my new Slop Jar?
What would you use it for?

As always Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love ironstone. Have never thought of using a magic eraser. I will have to try that. Love your slop jar. xo Laura

    1. I use them all the time, they work wonders. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I do like the jar and would us its twin to hold the toilet bowl brush. I currently have a vintage pitcher serving that purpose. Sweet little spoon rest, too!

  3. I like it!
    I have an old enamel one... my Grandmother called it a 'thunder bucket'... !!! Either way, I use mine in the bathroom to hold extra TP rolls.
    Yours is much prettier and cleans up pretty too...along with the soap dish!

    1. I thought about using it for TP, but with the curves it would only hold one or two. Thanks for stopping!

  4. I'd call this a slop pot!!! My grandma had a metal one almost this shape and the first thing in the morning she'd take it out (scraps from the day before) and feed it to the chickens when she let them out of the chicken house. most chamber pots are squatty so it could fit under the bed or under the chamber pot stool!!
    My thoughts on it anyway!!

    1. I like the way you think, it sounds better! Thanks for stopping!

  5. Hi Lisa, I'm new to your post, followed from Latane. I love your slop jar and would use it for the exact same purpose that you have. Great find. Greetings, Jo (Tanzania)

  6. Thank you for allowing me to join your blog list. Latane sent me over and I know I will enjoy all that you have going on.


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