Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pottery Barn vs. Old Barn....

I've been doing alot of Thrifting lately and we even went to our
first Flea Market this past Sunday....
Don't you just love Spring!

A few of these things on my table are some of my recent finds.  I've gotten some really good deals lately and thought I would share a few today.  I have a love of birds and I have decorated with that theme in a few of my rooms in our Home!

Just the other day I had to drop our daughter off at the mall to meet up with a few friends.  So I did a bit of shopping my self and found this bird cage drink dispenser at Pottery Barn.  I always love it when I find something on sale there.  There were 2 of these minus the actual drink dispenser.  But that didn't matter to me I knew I would find some way to use it.

 As one piece it was a bit to tall to be my center piece, so I had to take it apart.  But that worked out just fine I think.  It fits perfectly over my glass candle holder, so I just added a bit of faux greenery at the base and wah lah, done!

 The base of the dispenser is perfect to hold my cloche with my little Spring plate and faux eggs left from my Easter decor.

 It's still Spring afterall, so it works!

So now on to the Old Barn....
Not too far from us going down a main road we've seen this sign for a Barn Sale. We decided to find this Barn and see what it was all about.  After going down a few back roads and dirt roads we finally found it.
A retired couple in their 60's took their out buildings and have filled them with Estate sale finds and stuff.  I guess he actually buys what doesn't sell at Estate sales.  We really had to do some "pickin" but I found a few goodies that I couldn't walk away from.  These plates were some of what I found that day!

 Can you imagine my excitement?

 Can you guess what I paid for them?

 There are 2 of each plate....
so 8 plates total!

 I'm not sure which is my favorite.  They are all in perfect condition.  Have you guessed what I might have paid?  Well, I was a bit shocked and felt a bit bad, when I looked them up on Google when we got Home and discovered that they sell individually between $17.99 & $19.99 a plate.  I got all 8 of them for $5.00!!
I know.....Can you believe it?  I almost feel like I should go back and give them more money....almost!

Is it possible that people that do this for a living don't look up what stuff are worth?  I mean that's what we do when we find something that we think is worth something.  My husband and I have found quite a few things lately that you would not believe what we paid compared to what they're actually worth!
  Good for us I guess!

 Here's just a close up of my napkin rings.  I found these a few years ago, not sure if I found them at Target or Hobby Lobby, but they go great with my old new bird plates.

I just thought I would share these beautiful pink impatiens.  I have had them for 2 years now.  I bring them in at the end of summer and keep them moist thru out the winter.  Of course they are dormant, but come Spring they fill with beautiful blooms right in front of the dining room window.  They remind me of my MIL, she always planted impatiens in her flower pots around her yard.  I am amazed I have had these annuals last this long.  Just thought I would share!

I'm so glad you stopped by today.  I'd love to hear what you think of my recent finds.  And I'd love to hear what great deals you've gotten lately!  As always, Have a delightful day!


  1. You found some WONDERFUL things, Lisa. Those plates are amazing!!!! And I love your little bird holders, too. I LOVE that birdcage drink dispenser. Great find and it works nicely with that dispenser. Perfect! xo Diana

  2. Great finds! I love how you used your birdcages. What a DEAL on those plares!


  3. The dishes you found are to beautiful, Lisa...what a great find! I am so excited for yard sales for start around here...trying to hit up thrift stores in the mean time.

  4. love, Love, LOVE the bird plates! Fabulous!!!

  5. Your impatiens look beautifully healthy. They were one of my favorite flowers when we could get them. I used to have great baskets of them hanging on my veranda...loved them because they always tell you when they are thirsty.

    I like your finds, especially the dishes and napkin rings.

  6. WOW!! What a deal for your beautiful plates!!

  7. I loved all the ways you used it..but I think the drink dispenser was the very best. Adorable! You could even add the greenery around the bottom of the I LOVE it! :)

  8. Love the dispenser even without the part that holds liquid, and who knows? If you measure to see how tall it is you may find a dispenser at a yard sale that someone is finished with! I absolutely adore the bird plates. $5? amazing. I think that sometimes older people have never gotten into computers and may not realize what a great tool it can be for finding prices. I wouldn't feel bad, if they had them marked $5 they must have built some profit into the price.

  9. What wonderful finds! its always so much fun to find the perfect vintage little something that makes our heart sing.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  10. Wow, I can't believe your impatiens have lasted so long. That's a smart idea to bring them in the winter. I love PB the dispenser you purchased is really nice. Great deal on the plates too. You got them at a great price.


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