Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some girls like makeup and shoes....

My husband will be Home today!
He has been away for the last 9 days or so.
So I've been busying myself making our Home
cozy with Fall pretties!

Some girls like makeup and shoes....
I like pretty cups and towels!

 These are so soft and colorful and just say
Enjoy the season and all it's bounty! 

 I can be a bit fussy with my towels now girls....
Especially when they're as pretty as these!
Don't you like a pretty towel in your kitchen?
You know I do!

 And my coffee tastes just a bit better in a 
~Pretty Cup~
There's just something about it!

Sorry about this blurry picture....
But you can still feel the pretty can't you?

I'm just lovin' these new cups I picked up at TJ!

See that box in the picture?
My hubby tells me that's something for me!
He'll be Home tonight....
maybe he will let me see what it is!
Hope so!

Do you like a pretty cup and towel in your kitchen?
I'd Love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visit!


  1. Yippee.. so happy for you that your sweet-heart will be home with you soon!

    I do love pretty dishes, towels, bedding, pillows.. etc.. etc..
    Sure makes a home cozy and inviting, with all the special touches :)

  2. Yes I love pretty towels and cups!!
    Oh I bet your excited to see him. A surprise too?! How fun!
    9 days wow... I'm feeling sorry for myself because my hubby has been in Fort Worth Texas and
    doesnt get home until tomorrow night. He's only been gone since yesterday and I can't stand it.
    Welcome home Mr. Cottage to Me. ;O)

  3. The mugs and the towels are very pretty, but I want to know what is in the box! You are going to tell, right?

  4. Looking pretty and fall-y at your beautiful cottage! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston!

  5. I like all of your fall touches! The towels and mugs are beautiful. I agree with does taste better in a pretty mug.

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. I'm really glad you stopped by!

    Have a great day!


    PS - Oohh, I hope you let us know what is in that box. I'm excited for you - haha!

  6. I'm like you. I love pretty cups and towels. They not only brighten our home but my spirits as well. Love the ones in this post. Bet hot chocolate would taste good in them too.

  7. So lovely! I can't wait to hear about your surprise!

  8. I bought 2 pretty hand woven towels in Rhinebeck at the wool festival last week. I tried to save them, but was too excited and have them out now. I really wish I would have bought more!

  9. Hey sweets...I always try and make things cozy and warm when my hubbs comes back home, too! He's been away so much lately though I can't keep up! :) He's happy with a bowl a chili and a pumpkin napkin ring tho! ahhaha

    Love your pretties!


  10. Looks like you are ready for Fall in the kitchen. Love the pumpkin towels. So pretty.


  11. I love your cups and towels. The prints on the towels really add something nice to the kitchen!

  12. Love pretty tea towels and pretty cups....and always loved it when Mr. Sweet came home after working days and days away from home. :)) Enjoy your hubs.


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