Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I "Tweaked" My Fall Table Today....

Today was one of those rainy, gloomy, stay inside and play kind of days.
So that is exactly what I did!
Keeping it real....
I had a PJ day, ever do that?
Sometimes it just needs to happen....
and today was that day for me!

 Nothing extravagant or "uncomfortable" here.
I want you to feel Welcomed and Invited at our table!

 So ~Come on In~ and see what I did...

 It's warm enough outside, so the doors Open....
This little birdie was a gift from my oldest daughter.

 Hopefully you get the feel that it's 
still....in our Home!
Despite all stores pushing Christmas already!

 I'm still getting my Fall on around here....
How about you?
(oops, forgot to post about this chalkboard project)

 I've even kept my Candy Corn dish filled.

 Of course I have to have a good smelling candle burning....
Found this at T.J. Maxx recently!
okay who put the crumbs on the table?

 Dessert plates ready, just in case....
protected by the cloche.

 Carafe ready and waiting!
(Cheers label found at Michael's)

 These cute little felt napkin rings were found at Target
in the "dollar bins" or maybe $2.50 bin.
I couldn't pass them up, too cute!
They came in a package with 2 of each color!

 Oops, blurry dental cabinet....

 Cute little hand painted wooden plate found at
(Where I won this pillow)

 I love these little pheasant salt & pepper shakers!
~Use these daily~

 This little pumpkin was made out of nylon's by one of our girls
in elementary school and it goes out every year!
I'm that kind of Mom!

Hopefully everyone that comes this season feels
that's the feel I'm going for!

What did you do today ?
Hope your enjoying this Fall season still!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. YOur tablescape and all of your decor is stunning, but I do have to say the cloches absolutely stole my heart. Gorgeous. Beautiful decor. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. First of all, I agree with you and highly recommend a pj day every now and again. It's good for what ails a gal.

    Beautiful table and I love seeing all the beautiful vintage pieces in your home that you have NOT painted. Thank you for that. ☺

  3. Your home definitely says fall AND welcome! Love all the special touches.

  4. Looks great! !! Can i gave a handfull of those candy corn :) have a great day

  5. Omg, I have ever seen anybody else with the same wallpaper like we have. Thanks for leading me here. You really do have a beautiful, warm and very welcoming dining room...Christine


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