Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We did it!....

We finally painted a piece of furniture!

 It was actually my husband's find from our local Thrift Store.
I have been showing him some of what all of you have posted on
your blogs involving painted furniture.  

 He had his eye on this thing for over a month. But, it was marked
$69.99 and it was rough!  Plus, I wasn't crazy about it....
At All!
And we don't really need anymore BIG heavy pieces of furniture
in our Home.  We have too much!

 But, he talked me into it and on MLK day he asked me to stop
by and see if it was marked down yet!  He said if it is get it and
as luck would have it (for him) it was marked down because 
it was 75% off day and I got it for a whopping
$18.50....a couple days later we lugged it Home in the snow.  
Boy is it heavy!  It is solid wood and we had to take all the
drawers out just for me to be able to help with it.  Then we had
to, get this....put it on a plastic kids sled, which believe it or not
~worked amazingly~
and it saved my problem shoulder, slide it from the truck to 
the front door and somehow we got this thing into the house.

Then the fun began!
We didn't use Annie Sloan, we didn't use MMS, my guy's
what you'd call cheap frugal.  If there's a cheaper just as good
(does that sound right?) way of doing things that might be a
bit less expensive....he does it! And it usually does work
just as good well!

 ~Ta Da~
Here it is in all its glory!
I think I love it now....
Yep, pretty sure I do!

 We both did the painting....
he did the drawers and doors and I painted the "body"!
And as scary as it was for me, we both did the distressing.
He did more then me because I didn't want to mess it up.
But, I slowly realized....
you can't mess this up!  He did all the waxing and buffin'!

 All the drawers had their original hardware pulls and we liked 
them.  All we he did was clean them up a bit.  But the two
door fronts were missing their pulls and so we had to find some.

Where do you go for cute hardware for your furniture?

 Hobby Lobby of course!
and I found the perfect pair to match.  
They look like they're original!
Don't ya just love the curves on this thing?
I do too!

 Love these little medallions!
There are 4 of them....

 and behind these doors are 3 drawers that pull out
Love that!
We decided to keep them original and not paint....
What do you think?

 (you do not see the wood blocks under that corner)
No really you don't!
You all know we live in a very old house!
Things have settled a bit....okay  ALOT!
It will get fixed!

 I just think it turned out amazing!
Sometimes he does get it right!

We're not 100% sure we will leave this in our dining room
but, it sure would work great for laying out meals or
desserts at holiday time.  
I have to say, again....
I am loving this piece and can't wait to start another
project.  Which I plan to be doing in the next few days!
Stay Tuned!

As always I appreciate your stopping by!
Have a delightful day!

I have a picture, but for some reason I can't load it
So here's a list of what we used for this project:

Valspar Signature matte finish paint 1 qt.
Plaster of Paris
Minwax paste finishing wax
sand paper
painter's tape
plain ol' paint brushes
old torn up t-shirt
and his own little secret mixture in the wax to make it darker!
(just a note: we have quite a bit of the paint left for it being so big)


  1. I love it. Your husband has a good eye, and what a price. xo Laura

  2. Well it sure came out great! What if you painted the blocks the same color?

  3. What a great job! Love the way it looks!!

  4. What an amazing "ugly duckling to swan" piece. Was the plaster of Paris mixed in the paint to create a 'chalk paint' texture?

  5. i wish i could tell you how i got here - but i went blog walking & i some how ended up here ... i was looking around - i love what you did. you would never guess it was the same piece of furniture. nice work!! i love your snowman pillow (saw that in another post). & wow, you guys got tons of snow ... hope you get out soon. i am jealous ... we have no snow in here in Virginia. i miss a snow - it has been a long time since we got a bunch. have a great day!! nice to meet you. ( :

  6. Hello, Lisa... I decided to drop by from Kim's, and I'm glad I did. That is one beautiful buffet! Great price and you both did wonders with it. It looks gorgeous! Perfect for keeping your dining tablecloths, linens, and more. And I agree it will be perfect for your holiday buffet spreads.

    Blessings for a lovely day,


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