Monday, January 27, 2014

What do you do when it's cold and snowy....

well, I move furniture around!
I had fun on Friday playing around in this room
and making it fresh and new.  You may notice I am forcing
Spring, at least in the decorating of this room.

 I'd love to get new furniture for this room. But it's not in the budget
right now.  Plus, truthfully, this sofa is really really comfortable!
Not a fan of this slipcover.  Seems I am constantly fixing it. But
compared to what's under it, this will have to do!
Goodbye early 90's!

 I really prefer photos with my low light lamps on. But, I have a 
hard time getting the pictures to look like the rooms actually look
on my camera.  It is much cozier then these photos feel!

 I've had this apple picking ladder for quite a few years now. But, I've 
had it upstairs in our landing/computer room.  This space needed
something, so down it came and I like it.  I hung the black wicker
basket there to hold extra magazines and of course a "wreath" of 
sorts with a small round tole painted tray.  

 My husband made the sofa table and I cut a burlap coffee bag in half and
 used the printed side as the table covering. 
 I like that it adds texture and isn't just plain ol' burlap.  

 Mallory gave me this bird pillow cover from Pottery Barn for Christmas.
The old battery water crock is used to hold kindling and small pieces
of firewood.  It needs to be filled up, we had a fire going all day
Sat. and Sun.  It was so warm and toasty!

 We have two huge openings to the rest of our Home
from this room.  It makes it hard to arrange furniture along with 
the huge radiators that heat our Home.  So this corner is hard
to make look nice.

 But, I brought this chair down from the upstairs landing
and it sure is comfy.  Perfect spot for Brad to sit and enjoy
the view of the fireplace.  The picture hanging is one of the 
originals of our Home when it was first built.  It's nice to have.

 I can never seem to get a good picture of either of our fireplaces
but, they look much better in person.  We use our fireplaces and they
are wood burning.  So there is soot and ashes always.  Oh well!
The hounds didn't leave the spot right in front
 of this fireplace all weekend!

Lastly, I found this cute little bird picture at our local Restore
for 50 cents.  I believe it is crewel, but I could be wrong. I hate
seeing someones handiwork at a place like goodwill or a thrift store
just thrown in a box.  I know how much work these things take
and if I like them, they come Home with me.  I have this
sitting on our mantle....I think it fits!

Thanks for taking the time to see what I've done with this room!
Maybe someday I will get my pictures to look/feel like my room 
actually does.  Maybe!

Have a warm and cozy day, it's getting colder out there!


  1. Your homes looks very comfy and cozy indeed. I envy your fireplace. We moved to an older home this summer that has gas logs in the both fireplaces. The largest fireplace will cost $4,000 to repair chimney to convert back to wood burning :-( definitely not in the budget at all! I love your bird pic. Glad it found a home to someone that appreciates it!

  2. Love it! You most definitely have an eye for creating a cozy and fashionable look.

  3. Love what you did with your apple picking ladder!! My favorite piece is the oak cabinet w/ desk piece in between the two doors. My Grandmother had one that we liked to get into and write letters and stash stuff into the cubbies. When she passed, turns out termites and bugs had gotten into it and it was in terrible shape!! Had to be tossed out. You'res is in art Nouveau style. Lovely!!

  4. It looks charming, cozy, and lovely to me! That reading corner is perfection!

  5. I, like Vee, think your room warm and cozy and very inviting. I understand how you feel about seeing something you know someone made not being cherished..or appreciated. I know exactly. Many of the things people sell in their yard sales, especially by younger folks, are things that belonged to their grandmother or mother..and just aren't "their style"..I have seen so many lovely things just thrown into boxes and sold for pennies even given away..because it was "old fashioned" usually.
    :) That suits me just fine! It comes home with me. :)

  6. I think it all looks very pretty and cozy! I just love that ladder!!!


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