Sunday, January 26, 2014

You want it, We've got it!...

 To our Winter Wonderland!

 Brad was out snow blowing and I thought I would 
get a few pictures.  It is so fresh and clean looking!

 We still have out our chicken feeder arrangements from Christmas.

 They'll probably be here for Valentine's,
I think the red berries will be perfect then too!

 Amazing with all the strong gusts of wind we've had that
this snow stays so perfectly shaped on this little bird feeder.

 These pine trees are right outside our living room window.

 Hello purple coneflowers....

 I wonder how many loads of this we've used this weekend?
Lots I tell you!

Well, I just thought I'd share for those of you
in the warmer climates!


Hope you're having a warm and cozy Sunday!


  1. wow…it is so pretty! We have had a very unusually cold winter but no snow. I would like to have a really good one before spring. Today it was 62 and tomorrow calls for a high of 27 with falling temps!.

  2. That just about covers it! Your place is wearing winter well...

  3. Wonderful pictures-hot chocolate days!

  4. Oh, that is a lot of snow.
    We had less than an inch here in Seattle.
    But of course up in the mountain passes there is quite a bit.
    Just thought I'd say Hello from WA. came from Susan's Between Naps On the Porch.
    Stay warm inside.


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