Monday, February 10, 2014

A Vintage Toy Chest Saved....

at least that is what I remember my Mom being told when she bought
this years ago.  I was probably in about 4th or 5th grade when she
bought this and a dresser I have from a lady she worked with.

For years I have had it with me and have always just stored childhood
books and family bibles and memories in it.  Always wanting to do
with it, but not sure what and I surely didn't want to ruin it!

 Ha, ha as if that could happen!

 This is what it has looked like for a very long time.
is in, but not this kind of chippy...right?

 Yes, it has seen better days.  It wasn't in this condition when
my Mom first acquired it.  But, that was years ago! It's been 
thru alot with her 20 something grandchildren and a few moves
here and there.  So it was time!

 Brad and I got to work on it this weekend.  He glued
and patched the areas that were chipping and about to flake
off for good.  And then sanded it smooth.

 I remember this photo being almost perfect when we first
brought this piece home, way back when.

 You can barely pick out that they are kittens.
See the little black kittens here....

 and the little orange kittens here?
The Momma kitty was in the middle at one time, but thru the years
as you can see, she can no longer be seen!  Partly because 
of this picture in the middle, is why I never did anything with 
this toy chest.  But, Thanks to blogger and all the 
~Great Ideas~
out there, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a plan!

But first there was alot of work to do!
 We got it all painted, with my husbands mix of paint, and
then we distressed and applied a dark wax. Again, my
husbands mix!  I think it turned out great!   

And here it is....waiting for me to find the perfect spot
for it in our Home.  The color is so much richer then I
could get with my little point and shoot.  Even 
enhancing my photos I couldn't get the color just right.
Very Frustrating!
This picture is way to "chalky" looking!!

So I did a bit of what we bloggers do and tried out a few looks 
and tossed a afghan on it, along with the candle.

~before, of course~
 We're pretty happy with how it turned out.
Who wouldn't be right!

Oh yeah, how do you like my choice of burlap in the middle?
Monogrammed of course!
Doesn't the bottom detail just stand out so much better now?
L. o. v. e.  It!

I think my Mom would Love it too!

As my husband said when we first started this project,
it was ready for the trash pile.  Now I think we saved it!

Supplies used:
1 small sample paint from Lowe's
plaster of paris
Minwax paste wax
paint brushes

What do you think it should be used for now? I'm up for ideas!
As always Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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  1. I'm not one to paint old wooden antique pieces -- BUT -- this IS the exception to the rule. You all did a lovely job to this old piece and have restored it so you can have many more years of use and hopefully - pass it to the next generation!! VERY NICE!!

  2. You did such a wonderful job. I am always so happy when a piece that is so badly damaged can be saved. xo Laura

  3. oH I LOVE how it turned out. I like the color you chose too. Don't you just live the small paint samples from Lowe's?
    Perfect for DIY chalk paint too.
    I'm also glad to see you were able to save it. I like the way you've staged it.

  4. I love it! Yes, sometimes we just have to make something old our own. You guys are on a roll! Darling!!

  5. Lisa you did an awesome job on this vintage toy chest and the monogrammed burlap is perfect! So glad to find you over at the Wow Us Wednesday party.

  6. What a wonderful transformation! I love the color and the burlap in the middle panel is just wonderful. I am always amazed at how well painting a carved piece makes the carving stand out. This is just beautiful Lisa!

  7. The shape of that piece is so nice I'm glad you redid it. It looks fantastic!

    I'm sorry you are so cold. Have to tell that temp you mentioned sounds awful to me.


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