Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Forever Valentine, I Love You!....

Do you have a forever Valentine?

This is what my Valentine brought me....

~Long Stemmed Strawberries~
Chocolate covered of course!

and a delightful muffin to enjoy with my morning coffee....

How Sweet is that?

He loves me....

and he shows me everyday!
I love him back!

Yep, he's my
~forever Valentine~
Thank you honey!

What special Valentine did you and your forever share?


  1. Ahhh. Hes a keeper. Enjoy the day...and the muffin.

  2. You have a very nice Valentine! I love chocolate covered strawberries and that muffin looks purely decadent! Sounds like you're having a great Valentines Day.

    1. The strawberries are huge and I could only eat half of the muffin. Saving the rest for later. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've been hearing about those strawberries all week! They look spectacular. My sweetie and I will enjoy a nice beef stirfry dinner and an evening watching a good movie with a roaring fire in the stove. My kind of togetherness. :-) (but the strawberries sure wouldn't hurt! I wonder if he's been listening to the same radio as I have. lol)

    1. These strawberries are huge and delicious! I think he has a special dinner planned for us too. He loves to cook and always makes something special for us. I nice fire sounds good too. Enjoy your evening! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Happy Valentines Day! What wonderful special things you are having today. We are having a special dinner in front of the fire, Parmesean risotto and baked shrimp.

  5. Your Valentine likes to cook? A definite keeper :)
    Those special treats look delicious.
    We're home babysitting the grandson tonight while eating butternut squash ravioli.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you two.

  6. Well you have a good one that's for certain. Mine is out shoveling the drive alone. I can't say enough good things about him.


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