Saturday, January 18, 2014

Very Happy :0)....Very Sad ;0(

Any Mom out there, and Dad too I am sure would feel the same way! No matter how old our children get, they are still our children and we want to protect me it has been my job, being here for our girls.  Taking care of them, speaking for them.  But, as society will have it, once they turn 18 all of a sudden we as parents are no longer supposed to be their voice.  We can no longer call and get their grades at college or speak to their professors or call them in sick for work, none of that is acceptable once they turn 18.  All of a sudden my job is supposed to be done, but my heart tells me different.  I still want to protect them, stick up for them tell their bosses they can't do that to my child.  But, I cant!

Two of our girls are in the working world.  They have big girl jobs and have done quite well at them!  They both work for the same company, Menard's. They both have loved working for this company and have never complained about having to work, even on a holiday. They have advanced at about the same rate and are both managers in the front end of the store. As with most jobs, you hope for advancement and to grow with the company.  Our girls have been lucky to do so!

Two management positions became available one level up from their current position at different stores.  They each put in that they were interested in these positions.  One was set up for an interview with the general manager at the store she was interested in on Tuesday and was told she would have an answer Weds. or Thursday.  The other called Thursday and was told she had an interview with the general manager at that store the next day after she got out of work at 4 p.m.

 She went to work the next day, Friday and within a half hour of arriving at 7 a.m. she was told she had the job at the store and all she had to do was show up and sign papers. She hadn't even interviewed yet! She was told general office had already sent her paper work to that store the night before and she basically had the job!!!  Her job as she discovered was already posted at the current store she works at.  In fact, they were so sure she had the job, they hired someone within that store to fill her position and had that girl sign all her papers, to make it official.  Our daughter was told she was expected to start tomorrow, Sunday!

She was so excited and called me on her break to tell me the exciting news!  She couldn't wait to get out at 4 p.m. so she could drive 100 miles to the new store she was going to be 1st front end manager at.  She lined up a friend that said she could stay with her until she found something.  She was so excited and we of course, were so excited for her!

Her general manager, on his way out the door, said to her "Well, this is the last time I will see you, Good Luck!" and he went home.

4:02 p.m. my phone's her.....bawling almost the end of the day, she got called back to the back office and was told SHE DIDN'T HAVE THE JOB AFTER ALL!!!!
No explanations! She was told She Could NOT call general office because it would just make it WORSE for her!  Really?....she can't call the corporate office of Menard's and find out what happened between 7 a.m. and being told she got a promotion to 3:30 p.m. and being told you don't even have an interview.  Really??  The HR coordinator doesn't even know what happened....NO ONE has a reason! As my 83 yr old FIL says, " Someone is saving face!" Someone did something and wants to cover it up....AT HER EXPENSE!

This is not right! Everything and Everybody already knew or thought she had the job! Even the General Office for Menard's said she had the job!  Her job was listed and already filled with someone else Who Thought They Got A Promotion!  How is this right??? How can a company like Menard's  ALLOW this to happen to their associates?

I want to protect her!  I wanted to go to the store she works at and find out what in the ____ went wrong!  I wanted to call the store that she was supposed to have a new job at and find out What was happening!  My baby was hurt....she was vulnerable....  I can't do anything....she's over 18, she's an Adult!  She has to fend for herself, she's a Grown Up!  A Grown-up who is hurting and wounded and embarrassed and has NO answers and has to show up to work Monday and pretend that everything is okay!  Does she still have her position, because someone messed up??!!

There are no answers!

But, on the other hand I am Happy!  Our other daughter did get her promotion and did sign her emotions are so messed up right now!  How do we do this fairly!  Be Happy for one and Sad for the other!  And still have no answers!  Life is not fair....Corporate America is not fair!  This is not acceptable for people to be treated this way! People who are good honest workers and actually Love their jobs!  This is how they get treated??

I want answers......but, apparently I can't get them because my baby is over 18!


  1. oh no. sounds like someone jumped the gun. Interested in finding out what happened. Keep us posted. Best of luck to both of your girls, promotion or not. Sometimes these experiences at such an early age are not such a bad to have experienced for situations that will occur down the road.

  2. Remember to tell your darling girl that the store is not the Source of her Supply, God is. Something better is coming!

    And I really do hear you. My kids are a decade older than your kids and things that go on in their jobs can put my knickers in a twist pretty fast. I have learned, however, that they are very capable and only need me for an ear or a shoulder and as a prayer warrior. Keep looking up!

  3. I completely understand where you're coming from, Lisa...protecting our children is what we do! No matter how my DD is (she'll be 21 in June) I'll always want to protect her no matter what!


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