Saturday, August 24, 2013

Third Times the Charm, Right?....

I visited this cute little shop called Blissful-Finds-And-Treasures 
that's not too far from me, 3 times in the past 2 weeks, at least. 
I called my Amanda and told her our favorite cute little shop was closing,
and was there anything she wanted me to go and get for her.  
There was and I picked it up and a couple other things that I will 
share soon.  She had the opportunity on Thursday, her day off,
to go there herself.  The shop owner asked her to email a picture of her
 table I picked up for her so she could see what she did with it.  She did,
 and if you want to pop over and see it is the turquoise table,
 my daughter calls her mock chopping block, that is in front of her 
kitchen window in her apartment.  While she was there she bought
 a vintage red metal cart, some wire basket and 6 vintage scarves. 

 Because the shop is closing, in fact it closed officially today :(
they have had everything marked 40% for the last few weeks. 
 So, I have made my share of visits and yesterday, I just had to make
 my last visit to see if this cute little table was still there. 
 It was, I guess it was meant to be!

When I originally saw my find, I thought it would be perfect in Amanda's kitchen.  But...her choice was to have the turquoise table and after seeing what she did with it, it is perfect for her kitchen! So, I thought IF it was still there it would be my third trip to this cute little shop and I would buy it.

It was and I immediately told the shop owner I wanted it.  There were several women in shopping and another piece I had my eye on and would have been in my kitchen right now, was picked up by one of them and so I wasn't going to let this out of my sight.  It fits perfectly in this little corner of my kitchen. And it makes a perfect coffee station. Don't you think?

It is painted the softest shade of melon and it has a cute little patterned contact paper on top to protect it.  Plus, it frees up my counter space, which I have next to none except for my island that houses my sink.  Now all I needed was for my hubby to approve.  Yes, I still like when he likes what I do to our Home! Don't you?

Plus my Plow and Hearth mug holder fits much better here then on my counter.  It was a Christmas gift from my hubby and I love it!

It fits perfectly under our pot and pan rack and it holds everything I need to make a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.  I have my filters in the basket, my coffee grounds in the white canister and my cups on my rack.  I am in love! And, my hubby loved it too!  There's a reason I love this man!

Now I just need to decide on two things.  Should I hang my metal coffee cup art above my new coffee station or not?  And, do you like your coffee with cream or without?
 My hubby says without and I say with!  
What do you say?

What cute or fun finds have you picked up lately that you just had to have or were meant to be?
Don't you think the 3rd times the charm? Or if it's meant to be it will still be there, whatever it is, it's mine now and I'm a happy girl!

Hope your weekend is delightful! As always Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit!

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  1. I'm with you! Oh that is a perfectly sized table and I like the soft melon color. Good use of all around.


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