Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pickin', Putzin' & Paintin"....

Saturday I had our Home to myself!
I enjoy those moments, because I can putzy around the house and 
spruce the place up.  I get the most done in this time for some reason
 and have fun while I'm at it!

 This vintage piece we "picked" off the curb this summer,
 right across the street from our place!
Shhh, don't tell our neighbor's I don't think they saw us! he, he...
Do you ever do that?

 As you can see, it needs ALOT of work!
The knobs are missing....
for some reason extra holes were drilled....
the lock piece is missing on the top drawer....
but, it has character.

 Like this little bit of detail at the bottom!
I want to fill the random holes and paint this piece. 
 I would like to try for the first time some of the Annie Sloan paint
 that is getting all the rage on blogs.
Sounds like something I could do and would
 really make this piece pop again!
I'm thinking something in an aged green color....
so if any of you out there can give me some suggestions or hints
I would GREATLY appreciate it!

 The top was sanded down for some reason and again
 random holes were drilled here and there.  This piece looked 
as though it may have at one time been a wash stand or possibly
 had a mirror attached.  Of course, whatever was there has been 
long gone.  The drawers had saw dust in them and of course
bug evidence, so I think....hope, it was used in their garage.
Would you use this in your garage? 

 So, in my putzin' fun on Saturday, I pulled it in to fill an empty space
in our "fancy sittin' area" and started finding pretties to put on it. 
 I picked up this cute little plate at T.J. Maxx a few weeks ago. 
 I liked the little design on it!

 It had to go right in front of my most Favorite picture in our Home!
These 3 are what I do all my "nesting" for!
So when they're Home, they can be proud....
I Love these girls!

Sometimes the best stuff can be found on the curb!
You never know when it will fit right in.  Can't wait to find some paint 
and get started.  I looked for new knobs at Hobby Lobby the other day.
They were 50% off and too cute! But, the holes are 3 inches apart and
the knobs I liked were more like 4 inches apart.  What to do?!
Again, if you have any hints or suggestions on using 
Annie Sloan paint for the first time user, like me
I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping!
Have a delightful day!


  1. With that many holes, don't worry about making another few so that you can have the handles you want, especially if you're using Annie Sloan Chalk paint and wax. I like that piece and I would use it in my home...not in my garage.

  2. What a cute little chest. The vignette came together beautifully. I have no advice for painting..I'm still a chicken.

  3. Oh that is such a great piece!!! I just painted a dilapidated trunk with Annie Sloan chalk painted. The base was old ochre then used chateau grey which is a green. Then I put clear was with the dark wax over it. It was 1.5 hour project start to the finish. It is so easy to use. You will love it!

  4. I love your curbside find...it looks amazing in your room.
    I don;t know anything about AS paint...I do know that we've wood puttied knob holes if they were the wrong size and then drilled new holes. Hobby Lobby has some adorable knobs...I think the white ones with numbers on them would be adorable on your piece. :)

  5. Hi! Your Fairy garden is adorable. I love the tiny mini plants. I have some and they are so trouble free! However my plants are growing so much that my little things get lost if I don't remember to trim.
    I love that old dresser...what a nice piece you have there!

    My living room coffee table came from the curb of the place next door where I used to live. They saw me. :) No matter..it was worth it. It is now painted black and one of my favorite pieces of furniture.
    Beautiful!!! Everything looks so cozy and old fashioned. My favorite look!

  6. I have a real love for curbside finds! Nothing beats free:>) This has so much potential, I think it would look really great painted, and painting seems to bring out the carved details so nicely on these pieces. As for the knobs, I guess I would fill the existing holes and drill more for the new knobs. lol, what can it hurt?
    By the way, your girls are all gorgeous!

  7. Love your rescued dresser! Just fill the holes and use whatever knobs or pulls you want. You won't be able to tell if you paint the dresser. Love the little nest dish too!

  8. Dear Lisa,
    I have no email address for you so there is no other way to talk to you. Usually they are listed under profile photo's so we can respond to comments.
    Anyway..I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment. I am always so pleased to see you! I hope you are well and your family are all well.
    Love and hugs to you!

  9. Lisa, I love that little chest... you'll have fun refinishing it!


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