Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where I've Been, in case you wondered....

I know a few of you have asked where I've been...
I appreciate that you care enough of little ol' me to ask, I really do!
Boy does life get busy!
So here's a little of what's been happening in my
 little corner of the world.

Our daughter Amanda had been living back at Home for about a year. She got a promotion and that required her to transfer, so she decided a move to an apartment was the right thing for her.  Shortly after she moved out our next daughter, who has lived away from Home for 5 yrs, moved back.

 Which led me to have to clear this room out, long story, because she moved Home with her own bed and all of her clothes and things that get accumulated in 5 yrs of living away!

After all of about 2 1/2 months of living Home again, she too got a promotion which required her to switch locations and she moved about 1 1/2 hrs from Home.  She now lives with my FIL, as of yesterday!  I believe she only took a few things as it was a little last minute need you Monday type of thing!

 In the middle of all of that, this daughter graduated from H.S. as I posted.  Which kept us busy with college orientations and stuff.  And of course getting prepared for her Open House!

 Which meant we had to get our backyard in presentable order.  I must tell you that it ( the yard) about did us in!  We have 2 basset hounds who know No boundaries.  They had our yard a mess. So we had alot of work to do.  We had to fence off the perimeter of our yard so they could not kill all of the plants that belong there.  I will post more of that another time.  The whole week prior to the Open House my hubby took a vacation week and we were in the yard by 7 a.m., sometimes earlier, and didn't stop until 5 p.m. or later.  We. Were. Exhausted....and Sore!
It took the whole next week to recover, seriously!

 But, it was all worth it because she had a wonderful day and all of the important people in our lives were a part of it.  I believe even our Mom's were there in their own little way!

Plus, we got to introduce to everyone, mostly my side of the family, 
my husband's 

Brother, that just found us!
My husband is/was an only child....
or so we thought!  About a month after my MIL passed away my husband got a phone call and now he has a brother!  Older brother of course....  Sorry Ed, it is a very long story, but he is a much Welcomed part of our family now and we were happy to have him and his wonderful wife join us at our daughter's Open House celebration!

Plus, I reached a milestone in my life!
I think it was said best to me in this way....
You're Not Over The Hill....
You're just at that scenic overlook!
I'll take that!

So, that's what I've been up to and some of what has kept me away!
I have some things lined up to share, so hopefully you'll come back and visit again soon!
Thanks for being there for me....
I appreciate your visits!


  1. Glad to see you back after your busy time!

  2. Lots going on! Welcome back!

  3. When you find a brother you never knew that you had, a whole lot has been going on. Yay for the girls doing so well with their jobs. That's wonderful!

  4. Congratulations for the excitement of your daughters!! How wonderful they are still coming and going!! Both of mine are working, settled and living up town and I miss the noise and friends and happenings.
    How exciting that your husband discovered an older brother!! That's a WOW!! Must make up for the lost time!! Enjoy it!

  5. I have never commented but enjoy your blog. I'm glad you are back. I was wondering where you were but didn't want to be nosy. :-) Tami in NV


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