Friday, July 26, 2013

Pickin' Love....

I think we can all agree, found treasures are the best!
There's so much patina on these items that just can't be recreated on something that's purchased new!

 Let's take a look at what we found....

 This vintage glider had me at Hello!
I was so excited to hose the dirt off that was literally coated on this beauty....

 Love, love this patina!

 and this....
My hubby tried to talk me into sanding this down and repainting!
No way!

 The matching chair....
it super sturdy and comfortable!

 Weathered vintage wicker!
Super sturdy....

 and I Love the tin/galvanized insert....
We planted Basil, Parsley and Oregano in it,
perfect on our deck right outside our kitchen!

 Our little town now allows chickens....
But, we have 2 basset hounds,
so these cement chicks are perfect for me!

 So are these two Love Birds Ducks!
We went to an Art in the Park Festival a couple of weeks ago
and we came upon the perfect thing for between these trees....

 This set of Adirondack's were marked FREE on the side of the road
when we were trying to find a parking spot....
Perfect, gotta Love Free!
We couldn't get them in our car fast enough!

 Then we went out and found a BIG chunky log and made a table to sit between them

 A nice cool spot to sit after a long hot day!

 Join me on the deck and see what I did with my 
Pickin' treasures!

 I wanted a little sitting place to enjoy my morning coffee
and a cocktail when my guy gets Home at night.
Here you can see the herbs in the planter!

 I have 2 other vintage metal chairs that we've had for years now.
This one is by far the sturdiest and the most comfortable!

My hubby was a bit skeptical that this glider would hold up.
I think he's afraid of rust patina!
It has the perfect sound while gliding....
another Love!

If you're ever in my little town,
stop by, I'd love to sit and have a visit with you!
Take care and as always,
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. oooohhh...I'm so jealous! I love all of your treasures!!! Perfect in all the spots that you put them in...:) Thanks for sharing...:))))

  2. I remember these old gliders and chairs! It makes me think of life on the lake @ my great aunt and ucle's lake house! (really an old trailer) but fun, fun, fun!
    My momma thinks I drank my first beer sitting on a glider just like that one...but, really, I was tempted...but only SMELLED THE CAP- I SWEAR! I wasn't very old...and the boy was my step-cousin... he was so sweet...I was more smitten with him than the beer. ;)
    I remember sitting on the glider being warmed by the camp fire... thinking... I wish you weren't my cousin!
    now, you know way more about me, than you ever wanted. Is it me? or do certain things like gliders bring the nostalgia and certain memories flooding back?!


  3. I love what you did with the "new" patio furniture. I'm thinking I could be very happy sitting there with a nice glass of wine...... :)

  4. Where are you? Thought I'd just drop in and sit a spell! :):) Just kidding!

  5. Oh you found such wonderful pieces. I love the color of the glider & chair & the wicker planter stand is perfect as well.
    I enjoy your blog & wish I lived closer, I'm in Montana.

    I'd love to see a picture of your shed all finished.

    Happy summer, Lori

  6. Free? Nothing beats free. They look right at home in their new settings, too.

  7. Oh, I love the vintage glider and chair - just everything. And free! Nothing better. Everything looks lovely at your house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. What fantastic finds! Love that glider and matching chair. Awesome!! How great to have that planter there with your herbs.


  9. What a great glider...we had one when I was growing up...where is it now??...probably sold in a garage sale years ago...:(

  10. Oh my gosh! You definitely hit the jackpot with all those great finds. The glider alone would have doing a happy dance! The cement chicks!! I think I've got to come visit you and have you take my junking!

  11. Loving all of your patina'd treasures!!! So did you get ALL of these on just ONE junking trip? All I can say is WOW!!! Great idea to put the cushion on the glider....I'm always afraid the rust is going to come off on my clothes. Those ducks are adorable!!! We can have 5 chickens and no roosters here in our town, but like you said....with a basset and a basset mix, I don't think that would work for us either.
    Hope you are having a great summer,

  12. Believe me, if I was ever in your little town, I would love to stop over and visit - and, sit on that green glider.


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