Friday, April 19, 2013

And the Doctor said....

I ended up at the doctors late yesterday afternoon because i just could not take the pain any longer!

The ibuprofen just wasn't doing a thing to help.  After struggling thru a one handed shower and trying to dry off, get dressed, do something with my hair and make up, I drove one handed thru the pouring rain to have something....anything that might help relieve this pain.

After the doc attempted to kill me right there see what positions he could make my hand move, while pressing directly on the spot of severe pain and I kept myself from whacking him upside the head. He lied to me  convinced me that I should let him put this tiny needle in the spot of said excruciating pain, under the bone no less, and give me steroids that would relieve my pain and said I would barely feel it!!  He Lied!!!

I laid down, looked in the other direction, he wiped the spot and then in went this needle that I never saw but could have sworn went straight thru my wrist.  It hurt so bad I lifted my back side right off the cot while he is still trying to administer this steroid with pain reliever into my wrist.  You can only imagine the reaction on my end.  Pain....Ouch, ouch ouch....Never again!

It only lasted maybe 2 hrs, the little bit of relief from the shot that is.  He said because it was so painful while he was administering it he didn't give me the whole dose....and that's fine.  I have very small wrists, it doesn't take much.
But, he did give me prescription pain meds and told me to ice it and that I couldn't ice it too much. So that is what I have been doing since last night.  And he told me to not wear my brace, but to use an ACE bandage wrap (which they had just used their last one on the patient before me), so I had to pick one of those up too.

Rough night last night! Rough morning.....still icing.  Spot of injection is bruised and very sore.  The spot where that tiny needle went in is still very isn't so tiny can I just say!

Oh BTW, he labeled it Neuralgia.  Well, just thought I would update!  Back to my ice, Thanks for stopping!


  1. Acccckkkk! Thanks for the information. I'm putting it in my file folder of things not to do. Hope that you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon !!!

  3. Ouch! So sorry - I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sounds familiar, I have been getting those shots for about two years (every six ish months). Mine take about 24 hours to kick in but then it is better for a few months.

  5. I'm reading this much after the fact, but hope your feeling better.

  6. Oh I do hope that you're on the mend, Lisa. I'm hoping that you're just enjoying spring.


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