Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Room Reveal...part one!....

So, as I told you in my last post, I found this great coffee table at our local Goodwill.  I saw it and new it would be perfect for my new Craft Room.  But, I needed to make sure my guy could change the legs for me and make it table height.  So, I called him and he said, "Of course! I can do anything!"
 I knew that, so it came Home with me!

 But, when he saw it, I think these curvy little legs had him at Hello! It then took me a day or two to convince him of my "vision" as I now call it.  He wasn't sure that's what we should be doing with it.  Then when I thought I had him convinced, he wanted to make it more counter height.  I stood my ground and he finally agreed. Thanks Honey!  He is a wood lover and he makes furniture, so there was some doubt going on but, he finally relented and .....

 My craft table was born!  I haven't decided yet if I will paint it or not.  I guess I can always decide later on.  Right now, I am happy with how it turned out and it is working perfectly for me.  
Perfect width and Perfect height! 
 Thanks honey!

 Then it was time to start decorating!  Bringing in some stuff to make it actually feel like the Craft Room I had in my "vision".  I knew my color scheme was bright green and turquoise.  I then remembered our youngest daughter had a cute little rug that had those colors.  I found it in her closet under a bunch of clothes and stuff that shouldn't be on the floor stuff!  I pulled it up, washed  and dried it and it is Perfect! Adds the perfect amount of color to the wood floor!

 Then it was on to this hidden treasure!
Can you guess what's behind this door?

 If you guessed ironing board you were correct. Actually, I was very excited about this.  My family does not understand why!  They are only beginning to see my "vision". I have an ironing board in my laundry room, why do I need one up here they ask?  You all know every crafter at some point will need an ironing board!

 Well, this old cover had to go!  And soon, who knows how long it has been on there.  It was dirty for one, stretched out and taped on (not by me).  This is a large ironing board, 60' long.  The average board is 54" long.  So going out to buy one wasn't going to be easy.  But, I found a replacement at Marshall's for $7.99, good enough and it comes with a pad too.  So it came Home with me!

 I couldn't wait to get it on the ironing board.  Like most, it has an elastic stretchy band to hold it snug to the board. But, snug only worked to a point on this board.  I pulled and stretched and put white thumb tacks/push pins on the underside to keep it on.  It worked until I got to the end.  Then I had to be inventive! So I gathered the stretchy band and pulled it out of the what do I do.  If I cut it, I may lose it.  If I don't it will look like this.  So I cut it and Thank goodness I had tacked it down along the way.  It snapped out of my hands and disappeared within the cover underneath.  Oh well!  Now the material at the end folded back and almost covers the whole board!

 I'm Happy!
May change to a brighter material at some point, but for now this works!

 And when the ironing board is folded down, it doesn't even hit the table.
Thanks again Honey!

 And when it's up....
No nasty tape going across to hold it on!
Not bad for $7.99!

At this point I'm getting really excited about decorating this room.  I have so much craft stuff around the house and in boxes.  More then enough to make good use of this new Craft Room!
~What took me so long to come up with this "vision"?~

Now on to my recent trip to IKEA with this girl....
 As those of you know, you can get lost in IKEA, just filling up your basket with all the goodies! And before you know it, you've spent some BIG $$ and well, That almost happened to me! But, I only ended up with a few things on this trip.  Just to get me started in my cute little room!

 This cute little two step black stool was only $19.99.
And it had to come Home with me!

 It's the perfect height for me to put my magazine holders way up there on the top of the cabinets!

 I also got these cute little plastic holders and the rod at IKEA.  The rod was only $3.99 and each holder was .99 cents.  I had the perfect spot for it right by my new craft table.  I picked up the bright green lamp at Target when we stopped there on our way Home from IKEA.  It was clearanced for $13.98....perfect!  The cute bird print in the distressed turquoise frame was a Xmas gift from my Hillary.  Perfect for my room!  And then there is a "vintage" Loop Craft weaving loom.  You know the kind we use to make pot holders with as kids!  Not sure whose it was, mine or my guys.  Perfect for the room!

 I had one more vision for this room that I needed my guys help with!  I know a lot of you DIY'ers  could've done this on your own, but I needed him to cut it for me.  I had it all planned out.  He still wasn't quite getting my vision.  But, he lovingly did what I asked him to do!

 And now I have a peg board to hang stuff on!
I painted it my accent color of turquoise called Palmetto!

So my "vision" is really coming together at this point.  I love coming in to this room in the early morning hours, when it's still dark and turning on my teacup night lite my Mom gave me years ago. It's so warm and inviting!  I have more to show you and I hope you come back for the next post for a visit!  It may be just my vision but I sure think it's a lot better then being an old dirty forgotten storage room.  Don't you?

As Always....
Thanks for stopping by!  Can't wait to hear what you think!


  1. It's looking great! Such a happy room...can't wait to see the rest....:)

  2. It's a wonderful room! A place to create where you don't have to pick up your messes each time you leave. What fun you'll have in that space. (I still wish you'd left the sink, though.) My kitchen used to have a fold-down ironing board and I loved that, too. It's long gone because the wall was removed. Must ask if it was saved.

  3. I KNEW it was going to be a craft room! LOL I love it! It is all going to be so cute and cozy when you are completely done. Lucky, you, I am working on making over my basement crafty area. Still, I'm lucky to have a place I can leave a project under way and not worry about moving it to serve dinner! Speaking of projects...I can't wait to see what the first thing yo create is going to be!

  4. WOW! What an accomplishment! You have done wonderfully! Congratulations!

    I don't craft, but I understand the need for a room-of-one's-own-to-do-what-ever-one-loves-doing. (Myself, I'd love to try watercolors, on a realllly tryyyyy basis.)

    Btw, I came over from Vee's blog. In case you wonder where I popped in from. :-)))

    As I said, I don't craft. But I wish you all kinds of well, in your fab new crafting room!


  5. I love the colors! That ironing board will come in handy when you are sewing too.
    The curtain, rug, lamp and peg board are all nice touches adding accent colors.
    You have a great vision.
    I must say-- the coffee table turned craft table---wonderful idea!

  6. Wow it's beautiful and so cheery. You'll never want to leave that room! J

  7. Oooh, it's great! Love that counter-height work table and cheery ironing board! Really great. Love it! ~Angela~

  8. I love peeking into other peoples craft rooms and your is turning out gorgeous. I love the colors you've chosen...especially those drapes. I would love an old ironing board in the wall. I have to put mine up and take it down everytime I need it which as a sewer/crafter is often. Can't wait to see more. lucky you are to have a husband who can make "your vision". Patty

  9. Seriously AWESOME! Love what you have done so far. What a great space. Wonderful storage too.
    A folding ironing board is the perfect addition to any craft / sewing room.

  10. Lovely work space...and the table looks wonderful. Isn't it nice to have a hubby who can do anything?

  11. I love your ideas and having your very own craft room will be a treat. The cupboards will come in handy to keep supplies put away....I am so envious. Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoy your blog. Lori


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