Thursday, January 24, 2013

Craft Room Reveal...part two!....

So now that my project room has been revealed as a Craft Room, I can share with you some of the fun stuff I have been picking up and what I've been doing with it.  Do you ever get lost in a project having so much fun you can't wait to share it here in blogland?  But, you want it to be just right first!  Well, there are a few more things to be done in this room, but....we do have a budget and so they will have to wait.  I will share along the way with those projects.

During all the painting and planning for my Craft Room as I mentioned I made a few stops to some Goodwill's and Thrift Stores.  Looking for goodies that would fit within this room.  I lucked out at our local Thrift Store with these few things pictured above.  A wire basket, a clear vase, a black picture frame, a 14" embroidery hoop, 3 cream colored metal buckets with hooks on the back and some letter stencils.
~All for about $10.00~

I don't know if you've noticed, but in our local Walmart and also our Big Box Store they are now selling fabric pieces.  In bright colors and in rolls of 18" by 21" pieces or bundles of squares in smaller sizes.  You can also pick up rolls of colors too.  Great stuff for the smaller crafts that you don't need a full yard for.

~ Perfect for my first project!~

This is the 14" hoop I got at the Thrift Store.  It had embroidered eagles in it and was only .99 cents. I had purchased this square of brightly colored paisley print for $1.39 for an 18" x 21" square.  

These 3 hoops were some I had that were my Mom's and my MIL's.  So, they both being crafters, will now be a part of my Craft Room.  I really liked these 3 pieces also picked up for $1.39 each.

I have seen on pinterest and other blogs where they did this 
sort of thing on their walls in their craft rooms.
~So I guess I copied!~
Who wouldn't, right!

And you can also see my 3 cream colored
 buckets hanging on my peg board.  

They were .99 cents a piece!

I think I paid .49 cents for the vase and maybe .99 cents for the frame and the wire basket. I'll show you what I did with those another time.  You will stop back and see, won't you?

As you can see I have brought my laptop up here too.  I spend most of my day up here tweaking and having fun.  I am enjoying listening to Pandora while I tweak.

It's really hard to get a "good" picture in this room.  With these two tall windows that pretty much make up the one wall, the lighting changes all day.  These last two pictures probably give the closest feel of the room.

I'm so glad you stopped by to see my Craft Room.  I enjoy your visits and look forward to hearing what you have to say.  I'd love to hear about and see your craft space.  It's been a fun project for me, once the "dirty" work was done.  Please stick around and I'll share a few more things in my next post!

Thanks for stopping!


  1. HOw wonderful for you to have this space. I love the curtains and the circle theme carried on again on the wall. So pretty!

  2. Lisa, your craft room is adorable! Did you make your curtains too, I love them!

    Have a great day!

  3. Very nice Lisa. Such a great room. Love all the little special touches.

  4. Sweet room...the hoops look fantastic. Keep having fun!

  5. Those curtains are adorable--love that shade of green. The Hoop art is fun and creative!
    I'm sure you'll be inspired whenever you come in to craft. :) Pat

  6. You have the greatest work room!! Love your ironing board :-}}


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