Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I finally had a Vision! (a little reveal)....

I think we can all agree that's our Homes can be a lot of work!
Newer Homes, can be work....
But, if you've ever lived in an Older Home
~like Me~
you know that most of the time re-doing a room
is ALOT of work! You have to be in a 
certain mind set to even start a project.
For example, each of our rooms that we have "done" so far
have had layers and Layers of wallpaper. Put on by who knows
what kind of gunk, back in the day.  Only to finally get it 
all off and have to repair all of the cracks and holes in 
what is sometimes to be discovered to be
~Horse hair Plaster~
Yep, Fun stuff right there!
Which then leads to LOTS of sanding and therefore lots of
~Sanding Dust~
not only in the room, but pretty much every room within the vicinity!

So, sit back and see where this all started!
~Hope you have your favorite cup of something~

When we bought our Home, this room was the kitchen
of the ~in-law~ apartment upstairs at the back of the house.
It had bright contact paper on the walls in a fruit print 
and blue checks.  We made it into a sort of play room for our 
girls at the time.  Then it morphed into a storage room.
And pretty much has been that way for the last 5 or so years.

We didn't know what to do with it!!

Do you see all the work?
Hard to get motivated when there's this much to do!
First couple layers of wallpaper down.
Not even to the plaster yet!

Tell me you feel my pain!

And then I had a Vision!
And I mentioned to my Guy on Friday a few weeks ago.
Let's work on that room this weekend!
We He needed a project!
He responded, let's start tonight!

 So, my Guy and our oldest worked all day on that Saturday
peeling the rest of the wallpapers off and patching and sanding.
Then he and I primed the room.

 and painted it an off white color called
~Bittersweet White~
at times there is a hint of yellow, very soft an pretty
unfortunately my little point and shoot doesn't reveal that.

Then came my Guys favorite part.
he insisted on removing the old counter top and sink.

Guys love to tear things apart!

 Some lovely blue checked contact paper!

 This is an old cast iron sink!
~Very Heavy~
It took both of us to carry it down the stairs and then we had
to sit it on the floor and relax our arms for a few hours.

Well, we needed something to replace the old dirty knicked up white counter top!

 So the next day we headed to Menards and picked up this
faux granite replacement.  Much better!
And it was on sale!
 Looking good!

Like anyone doing a "project room" you know that
while working on the room, you're also planning what
will go in and envisioning the whole thing.
At least I do!

So between painting walls and woodwork, I would 
slip away for a break and go to Goodwill or my local Thrift Store
looking for treasurers for my new room.

 I found this coffee table at Goodwill and called my guy and 
asked what he thought about it.  He said sure, so it came Home
with me! More on that later!

 Then my oldest and I took a trip to IKEA.
That was a fun day.  I picked up a few things there,
I'll show you that too....later!

 I found these cute airy curtains at our local big box store.
Loved the color and the print, so they came Home with me!
They are done in lime green circles!

 There is this little nook/closet space in the room.
For years we hung our out of season type coats and
stuff in there.  It needed to be painted too.  

 I had a color palette in my head for the whole room
This turquoise color caught my eye.
It's called Palmetto!
I Love it!

So I got that all primed and painted!
Now comes the fun part and I'm in this room everyday.
By the way this room is only about 
8 by 10 (maybe 12).
I haven't really measured except I know we bought the 
counter top and it was 8 ft so, for that I'm sure.

I will be working on my BIG reveal for tomorrow or the next day.
Thank you for sticking with me through all of my little
Hints posts!

I am just so excited about this room, you don't even know!
Hope you see me through to the end!
Have a delightful day and Thanks for stopping by!
Keep giving me your guesses, I love to hear them!


  1. Hi Lisa:

    Isn't it a great feeling to start a project and to see the end? The paint color looks just like the color of my porch, door and shutters at my home. I used to have a old home and every project that we had turned into more and more projects! Good luck!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see it!! You have a lovely blog...:)

  3. Is it going to be a home office? A sewing room? I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. What a gem of a room! Can't wait to see it all finished. I love that color, it just so happens
    to be my daughter and my's favorite color. We call it tiffany blue.

  5. You took out the sink? Oh I'd love to have a sink in my studio, craft room, sewing room...but perhaps this isn't what this room is going to be... Hmmm...you do have me curious!

  6. Okay, we're hanging in there waiting... I'm guessing either a craft room or a sitting room. Can't wait to see, Dawn

  7. Loved your pics and yes I understand you about an old home. We have been fixing ours up for years. This year will be the kitchen. Knotty pine, you can imagine the work their.

  8. wow have you been busy and I love how everything is turning out. It's so fun to see the before and after photos.

  9. Wow, I'm impressed with all the work you have done. Looking forward to seeing the whole room revealed.


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