Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Catch Up....

I've posted very little about my Christmas decorating this year.
The little I have posted has been
showing our tree laying on the floor.

 and then again when we finally got it up
and wired to the wall.
Well, now it is decorated as well.
I went on the light side this year and only decorated
with one tote of ornaments.  Mostly those that have
special meaning in some way.
So I got some decent pictures and thought I would share.

 The Lollipop is mine from a child.
The candy canes, Mallory and I made this year
from pipe cleaners.  Fun little craft!

 Santa and Mrs. Claus were always on the tree
as a child and I inherited them. And then of course
I have decorations here and there that my girls made
That's Hillary there on the Christmas tree ornament
from 1st grade, she's now in College.

 We went to my hubby's office Christmas party
last night and a few of the women were talking about
"needing" new decorations.  They have had their's for a 
few years now and they were tired of them.
I've had mine for at least 29 yrs....
some longer, and I couldn't bare to get rid of them.
There's a memory tied to every one!

To me that's

 They each have a place....
These 3 guys were supposed to be a gift for my Mom
one year.  I just couldn't give them up!
Mom got another one from me instead.
I always think of that!

Sully just lays where ever he pleases.
Yes, he is a huge cat.  Heavy too.
I am in need of a larger tree skirt.  I would love to have something
made out of burlap.  We have had this tree skirt for about 24 yrs.
I will pass this down to a daughter at some point.  I have lots
of Christmas to pass down.  Not get rid of! 
There is a difference!  My girls are starting to embrace
the "traditions" of decorating with memories.
Yes, they will have their own.  As have I.
But, mine also include some from my childhood.
And I wouldn't have it any other way!

What Christmas memories do you embrace every year?


  1. Well I'm like you in that I couldn't get rid of the truly meaningful things. That said, there's a lot I can lose to a good home. My daughter no longer puts up a tree because she is so busy and a single. My son isn't much interested as his wife has her own style and decorates very nicely without any help from me. Your tree looks beautiful horizontal or vertical, but I must say that vertical is especially nice.

  2. Your tree is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all your ornaments. I don't know what happened to a lot of the ornaments I remember as a child. I always thought they were at my Mom's house but we never found them. (And she never threw anything away!!)

  3. You're tree is just beautiful. Covered with memories, just the way it's suppose to be!

  4. Love your tree and the ornaments. I don't have any from my childhood but have some from my children that I wouldn't take anything for.

  5. Lovely tree and glad that you got it standing!! And wired!!
    Good luck!

  6. Well put Lisa. I have some wood ornaments on my tree that at one time belonged to my late grandmother. I also have ornaments
    that the children have made over the years. Each one does hold special meaning. A family friend hand carved ornaments
    each year for each of my children and placed a gold dollar coin in the center of each one. They each have 12. 12 years this
    thoughtful man thought of us. They will of course be passed down to each of them one day. My kids have come to expect
    things to be the same year after year. They like it that way, and so do I.

  7. Lisa, we too have collected our ornaments through the years. For every year we have been married I add am ornament to our collection. I always choose a new one when we go on vacation to represent that vacation. Every year for each daughter, I also choose an ornament that has some significance to them for the year. I put each girls ornaments into their own box and then they have their own box of ornaments to decorate the tree. As each girl has left home and set up their own Christmas tree, I gave the the box containing their own ornaments. So they had a beginning to their own tradition. And, I STILL buy them a new ornament each year to mark the year. Yepp, we like it this way too.

  8. What a pretty tree and love all the little ornaments and especially the ones you had ass a little child. So many memories. Be a sweetie and thank you for popping in to see me. Have a wonderful Christmas,
    Shelia ;)


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