Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If Only....

The morning temps are changing...
so is the morning light....
there's a chill in the air that is 
refreshing and has me lighting candles again.

 I picked this one up the other day while in the 
~Big City~
with my Hillary.  It was at Bath and Body Works and
was in their clearance rack for $1.75....
~If  Only~
you were here and could smell all the goodness
coming from this candle.  It is quite Yummy smelling
and to me it smells like 
~Carmel Corn~
it is called Summer Boardwalk....
My youngest came down and said to me....
Mommy, I hope you know it's not Fall yet!
I said Why do you say that?
She said That candle smells like Fall!
(school starts soon, she wants No reminders!)

 This little candle packs some good smells in it....
Now I want a bigger size!
I don't think there were any :(

I must use this sparingly....
to make it last.  It will be part of my morning
for a few more days anyway.

Do you have a favorite candle you like to burn in the morning?


  1. Oh I love candles, I am now burning a basil sage mint now in kitchen and absolutely love it. I am looking forward to cooler temps down here in the South....not ready to add any Fall touches.

    Have a great week.

  2. I love candles as well, right now I am burning kitchen spice by yankee candle, the air here is cooler as well, the air is off and the windows up this morning.

    I had wondered if the bath and body candles put off a strong scent, you answered the question, now I must add one or two too my candle addiction.

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Oh yes, I love my Lemon Drop Cookie candle from 1803. YUMMY!!! Enjoy, Dawn

  4. Love the air changing fall is my favorite time of the year! !!hooe you have a great day

  5. It is quite chilly in the night...oh joy...but the days are still in the high 80s and muggy yet. I do have a favorite candle...pumpkin...I am also burning it sparingly because I want it to last.

  6. Lucky that you found such a perfect candle to make your home smell cozy, and inviting!
    Maybe you can find one on line?
    It's a wonderful time of year, when the nights cool down, and the sunrises are longer,and the candles are flickering away :)

    Smiles :)

  7. Your morning sounds perfect! One of my many favorite candles is Dutch Apple Pie by Swan Creek Candle!!!

  8. I love the smell of fall candles, especially ones that smell like apple pie :)

  9. Fall candles ARE MY FAVORITE! I'm lighting them, too, and looking forward to MORE COOOLER TEMPS. We hit 113 this summer and it almost killed me.

    Your morning sounds perfect. Wish I could come sit by you and CHAT! HOW FUN!



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