Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's been a rough past week here.  
Some very emotional things have happened
within my family and to people in my family.  
This morning I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and decided to get up 
and take a few moments for myself before the rest of the house
 decided to wake up.  I enjoy doing this in the summer
because I can come downstairs and open doors
 and windows and let the cool morning air seep in and
 replace the stale, muggy, closed in air from the night.

So I made a pot of coffee and sat on my porch
 and enjoyed the cool air and the chirping birds and
 my fresh hot cup of coffee.  When the sun started to move to
my space on the porch, I decided to get my new camera 
and see what I could catch thru the lens and play a bit.  
Please join me on a .....

 I love to tour a little bit in the morning light....

 I wanted to catch the birds at the feeder,
but not get so close that I would scare them away.  
This picture I took from my porch while sitting down.

 This guy was sure enjoying this homemade bird food
~made for me by my little Great Nieces~

 While I toured my yard I was also watering.
These lilies are the most fragrant in my yard
and I do not know the name of them....
Do You??

 We have raspberries....
they struggle, but we have them.

 The other day I showed you a basket like this with the new coco liner.
I show you this with the old coco liner because I am wondering
 if any of you know if there is some kind of liner for this
 that would help it to last longer?

 I was so excited when I put my pictures on my computer to see
how well I got a picture of this Chickadee....
Love my Chickadee's!

 This guy sure has his head stuck down in there to get
some seed, must taste good!

 ~Peek A Boo~
Do you see him?

 Just watering my sink!
Love that I could catch the water sprinkling!

I really like this photo too....
Makes me smile when the birds eat from my feeders!

Well, that's it for my little tour.
Hope you are all having a delightful weekend.
It is very hot & humid here....
spending the day inside!


  1. great looking garden !! I hope all of your troubles go away ! Heres to a less stressful week coming up

  2. Like your garden and photos of nature. I just got a new camera so I am just learning too....What kind did you buy?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I am praying that your problems will be short lived. I so know what you mean by early morning loveliness. Love your backyard privacy fence. Seems we are to get one too and I will welcome the change. It just frames in the things you enjoy and supplies a backdrop like an easel. Love those chickadees too and that pedestal sink! :D

  4. Great photos you have taken with your new camera. How nice to have fresh raspberries growing in your garden.
    I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough week. Hope things change for the better real soon.
    Enjoyed your early morning tour of the garden.

  5. I love the early morning as well, Lisa...thoughts and prayers are being sent your way, my friend! xoxo

  6. It looks as if the birds are snatching some of the liner for nest-making. I like to line my liner with some gardening fabric so the water and dirt stay in there better, but I've not had your problem. Sounds as if you had some restorative time in the garden...perhaps I need to do that as well today.

  7. Thanks for the morning garden tour...I think that is when I like ours best of all too....the light, the birds chirping, the cooler air....always love the birds, we have wrens are raising their babies.....for the life of me I can't get good pictures of them....makes me want an expensive camera with an awesome zoom lens! I think the lilies might be Oriental lilies or stargazer lilies....regardless they are regal!

  8. Always enjoy your garden tours. Hoping you're feeling a bit better today, and that things will look brighter with the start of a new week.

  9. A hard week for you...but I'm glad that you were able to have some peaceful moments in your garden.

    Your photos are lovely! We can't have our bird seed feeders out because they attract black bears, so the poor little birdies have to fend for themselves. We do enjoy watching the hummngbirds at our hummingbird feeder though!

  10. very nice website I really like all the pictures.

  11. I love all your bird feeders. I need to get some. We have a bluebird house and Westin loves watching them go in and out. I have a hummingbird feeder too but I have only seen two so far this year. Looks like the birds got your plant liner. They have destroyed mine. :)

  12. I hope things are settling down. Your pictures are beautiful.

  13. Love your garden in the sink!! I've always wanted to use a toilet and paint it. Have flowers hanging from the back tank and flowers growing out of the toilet bowl. My two daughters would hide their eyes and yell - Nooooooo Mom :-}} Love to make them squirm!

  14. I have lined my cocoa liners with good ole plastic shopping bags! I learned the hard way. The bags also help retain water for the plantings. My plants are much happier, they don't dry out as quickly and the liners last longer.


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