Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's kind of been a tradition of sorts
from the beginning that for Mother's Day
I get flowers.  I am happy with that and look forward
to getting them.  Not a bouquet of flowers,
but flowers to plant in and around our yard.

 So last Saturday we went out and I got 
flowers to start planting in my planters and such.
Here are a few!
This year I chose a sweet potato vine 
and 2 pink geraniums, I thought they would
look good with the deep purple of the vine
in my old bucket.
The English Daisy is once again getting moved
from my pot on the table on our porch. 
 I haven't quite decided where to put it yet.
The other flowers will go in a planter by
our back door, where most everyone enters
when they arrive Home for the day or come to visit.
Back Door Guests are Best!

 Quite a few years go I bought this bird bath.
The base at one time had a top that matched.
I loved it because it has birds on it.
but, at some point the top got broken
and so to come up with a "quick fix"
I bought a terra cotta saucer and used that.
It did the job, but it just didn't look good to me.

 So my lucky day came last Friday while I was
at a local garden center.  They happened to have 
the exact match topper for my bird bath!
So I bought it and called my husband 
and told him that I just bought my 
Mother's Day gift and for him not to stress
over trying to find something for me.
Do you ever do that?

 I am seeing in fashion the trend this year is
putting different colors together.
Like a Pink top with Red  pants....
So I am trying it with this planter....
Pink petunia's with my Red planter.
I hope it works!

 Once again, I changed up the flower in this planter.
Now a bright Red/Orange
Gerbera Daisy!

On Mother's Day 
My husband did all of the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen.
He quite often does the cooking, but when it is a special occasion
he steps it up a notch.  

We enjoyed
Scallops, with White fish over smashed potatoes
with fresh Asparagus and Olives
along with a Caesar Salad 
and Strawberry Shortcake.
Needless to say 
everyone cleaned their plates!

My Hillary recently got a promotion at work
and so she couldn't come Home,
but she did send me a
Happy Mother's Day text
while on one of her breaks at work.
Mallory cut the lawn for me,
as of late that is something I have been doing.
So to have her do it was nice for me!
Amanda generally has Sunday's off so she was able to be here
as well.  She surprised me with a present that goes
perfectly in my desk area....

 I have admired this birdcage note holder for awhile now....
she remembered obviously and got it for me.

 So I quickly removed the picture I had hanging there 
and put this up on the nail that was there.  It goes with my 
theme, birds, bird on my laptop, bird nest lamp
and I have an oval mirror hanging next to it
that has a bird perched on the top.  
I clipped her card and a picture of the two of us on it.
Thank you Amanda, I Love it!

Today I will be out there planting my flowers.
I have 5 of these planters to do and
several other random ones around our 
back yard.  I need to move with the sun
and get this all done.  Tonight they are calling for rain,
so the sooner I get these in the better.

What are you up to today?


  1. Gosh you and I are so alike. I prefer live flowers to a bouquet though I will take both for sure. And yes I do go pick up my own Mother's day gift from hubby. This year it is a gate for the patio so the chickens don't flow over the old really short one.

  2. Yep, you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know you will always miss your Mother. I remember well all you went through. I felt so terribley sorry for you. A couple of times I wanted to just crawl through this computer and try and comfort you. But...I knew from so much experience that nothing could help you but time. You will always miss her..and I will always miss mine. I will always miss all my loved ones that have passed on. A difficult thing in life we have to bear..

    I could not believe your luck in finding a matching top for your bird bath..and it's so unusual..amazing! The food looked wonderful!
    I would love to find some flowerboxes I like..but so far, no luck!
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for you sweet comment! :)
    Love and hugs,

  3. (I should be cleaning or doing anything but reading blogs. Actually, I have one more to read after this and I'm caught up. That makes two hours in Blogdom. Sweet, but so indulgent.)

    Love all that you are doing to spruce up your garden. I dare not until after Memorial Day. Nice to find the matching topper for your birdbath. Gotta love daughters who are paying attention. That birdcage message center is adorable. And your Mother's Day Dinner was extra special as well. Now how are you going to top that for Father's Day?

  4. What a great day you must have had! I can't believe you found a top for your bird bath. I also can't believe the dinner your husband prepared. Wow! It looks like something served in an upscale restaurant. Love your choice of flowers too.


  5. Oh my goodness, I am loving everything. First I just want to say can I borrow your husband. That dinner was amazing. How exciting that you found the top to match your bird bath. That was definitely meant to be. Have fun today planting all your flowers.

  6. I don't think one has to worry about matching colors when it comes to flowers..they seem to be beautiful in almost anything..Looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day..Love the bird cage..

  7. I saw a planter like your red one, and said to my daughter: I've got to find one of those! I think getting flowers to plant on Mother's Day is perfect. My grandchildren (via Mom) always get me something for my garden. What a sweet deal that your birdbath is now "in one piece!"

  8. What a lovely Mothers Day you had. Lovely flowers, nice dinner, free lawn care.... and lovely presents. Just about perfect!!


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