Monday, May 21, 2012

It was stuck in my head....

Does that ever happen to you?
You get an idea and 
It gets stuck in your head....
until you do something about it and 
then your happy and can move on!

 Well, I had the idea to make this old rusty metal birdbath
into a planter for
~Hens & Chicks~
Problem was there was only one place around here
that had Hens & Chicks that weren't in a 
strawberry pot and then they only had one variety.
So I bought it....
I wanted 
Hens & Chicks!!

 So today I met my hubby in the
Big City
for lunch and then off I went
to the 
Big Nursery for
~Hens & Chicks~
I found so many different varieties
so I had to control myself.
Did you know there are 72 different varieties?
That's what the tags say anyway!

 So I brought them home and planted them right away.
In this sunny, most of the day, location in our yard.
The tall green plants are called
~Obedient Plant~
Mine get white flowers on them
and come back every year and they spread
no special attention needed.
There are also daylilies, hosta and right in front
you see Sedum.

 Behind the Obedient Plant I planted
2 Cleome
1 White & 1 Purple
1 Oriental Poppy
and I finally put my
English Daisy 
in it's final resting place....
I think!

So I am excited about my little garden in this planter!
Above the rock I have
Creeping Thyme
next to that is
Aida Hens & Chicks
then the only variety I could find close to me was labeled
Mixed Variety....creative huh!
then something I had in my yard just for texture
then the 3 little ones with the red tips is
Sunset Hens & Chicks
then the cluster on the bottom of the rock is
Glabrum Hens & Chicks
I call it Spider Web because it has a white cottony webbing
in each cluster. And then in the very center is
Yolanda Hens & Chicks
A very pretty blue foliage with wine red bases.

So what do you think?
Do you have Hens & Chicks?

I can't wait to see what happens with this little garden.
I had fun planting it and adding a few little fun touches to
it also.  An old wire flower that lost it's stem, a little birdie that
fell off something I had once and the rock.  
Something to look at and bring the eye up off the ground.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm working on a feature in my bed next to the porch. The Sedum and the Hens and Chicks...might be just the perfect thing! I like your've given me something to think about now when it comes to planting time!

  2. I love what you've done with your bird bath. It looks great! Love the hen & chicks too.

  3. They will grow and spread like crazy and fill the entire thing and look gorgeous! I love my hens and chicks. I planted them beside the little pond among the rocks and they've filled in an entire area in no time! :-)

  4. I did, but they didn't survive. Obviously, I did something wrong. I like yours in that the rusty birdbath.

  5. My Gram had Hens and Chicks...sure wish I had them again. Love what you've done with your little garden :)

  6. Hi Sweetie..
    I haven't found any but settled for something I liked even better. I wanted some for my wheelbarrow Fairy Garden..but gave up. So..nope, don't have them. Eventually I will find them. I have a couple more Nursery's to look through.
    Enjoy though! :) I'm glad you found yours.

  7. Oooh, i LOVE Hens and Chicks! When i was little, my Grandmother always let me pinch off a few chicks to take home. They'll be darling in your birdbath. Enjoy!

  8. Love that little garden!! I've been thinking about doing something like that too. :) Thanks for the advice on my blog! I cut my butterfly bush back every year too and it thrives so I think next year I'll cut back my snowball bush too.

  9. Gosh, I had forgotten that my mama always had a large pot of Hens and Chicks sitting on her front porch. So pretty and now that you have reminded me, I'll go get some, too.
    I also want a snowball bush...wonder what the real name of them might be? Will google.

    I love your pretty will look awesome once the plants grow..
    xo bj


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