Monday, May 7, 2012

It started with the hair....

 Yeah, the dress is important....
but every girl must admit
the hair....
has to be Perfect!

 This year, the dress finally chosen....
was originally made for oldest sister Amanda
for her Senior Prom in 2006
by Grandma Miller.
So it was once again worn with pride
and Love!

I had to get a few pictures
before we met up with everyone.

The first 3 at the meeting spot....
hope these folks don't mind we used their fence!
Glamour Girls!

Walking down the trail....
to the Dam....
un~posed pictures!

Just girls being girls....

Luckily no one slipped going down this trail!
High Heels and all!

Strike a pose....
they do it well!

I can't believe I took this picture!
~Dam~ its

Isn't she Lovely!
You wouldn't believe how many 
bobby pins she had in her hair!

Then the rest of the group showed up
and it was silly time.  Can you believe
this gorgeous group of girls
didn't have Guy dates?!
What's wrong with boys these days!

That's okay....
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
and they did!


  1. Great pictures! Love the one in front of the dam. What a beautiful group of young ladies. Glad they had a good time, Dawn

  2. Gorgeous girls and gorgeous pictures. I love the candid shots, too. I have to admit the group one made me a little nervous..lucky no one fell in.

  3. They're so beautiful they don't need no immature guys hanging around. (Really? What is THAT all about? A trend these days?) Simply lovely young women and wonderful photography. Hope they all had fun.

  4. She is just gorgeous and all her friends are adorable. What is wrong with teenage boys. No sense what so ever.

  5. I'm so enjoying browsing your blog this morning. What wonderful pictures. How great it is to be young and beautiful, and all those girls are. Your daughter looked lovely!

  6. Gorgeous! The color was perfect on Mallory! I love when they choose a color that EVERYONE ELSE is not wearing.

    In my experience with my 3 daughter's, the events they went to without guys were the ones they had the most fun at. NO drama. LOL Just girls having fun! There's plenty of time in life for the drama.


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