Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's raining ice....

or it's raining and then turning to ice!
Either way there's no school today.
My daughter will be happy
as she had a couple of hard exams today,
one being physics....
she does well in this class,
but it is a struggle for her.
This will give her more time to study!

On dark, gloomy, cold days like these,
I like to go around my Home and light a few candles!
(my picture taking needs work, so please excuse me)

 ~white chocolate~

This was just an inexpensive little local grocery store candle.
But, once it pools the scent is amazing!

~ vanilla cinnamon brulee~

This is a cheapy from Menards.
I know my candle topper is fall themed....
but I like how the light looks thru the cutouts.

~ hazelnut cream
fresh baked muffins 
chocolate pound cake~

This 3 layered lovely I picked up yesterday at Wal-Mart.
I have good luck with their candles.
I find if I let my candles burn long enough to pool at the top,
that is when I get the most scent & the candle isn't
wasted with a bunch of wax clinging to the sides when
it reaches the end.  Of course the wicks need to be 
trimmed everytime I light them to burn.  That
saves on the wick being all sooty so to speak
and releasing all the black stuff into the air.

 pure yummy~ness!

After I dropped my daughter and her friends off at the mall
for her Birthday on Saturday, I went around to the stores 
I enjoy.  It was nice to be out and about after my long
stay at home the last few months.  I picked up this bright green
ceramic bird topiary at T.J. Maxx.  It is crackled and I love the color!

I picked this bird up at Tuesday Morning.  I really like his 
metal legs.  I've had the nest a few years, not sure where I 
picked that up.  I'm starting to get my Spring on here in our Home.
Just nudging nature along a bit!

 I picked this little green planter up at
T.J. Maxx and thought it was perfect for 
the pens and stuff on my desk.
Love my birds!

 I'm probably the last one to pick this up....
It's a bit more then I usually spend on a magazine,
but I couldn't help myself!
A girl deserves a treat now & then,
don't you think?

So I will spend some time here in my 
favorite spot, perusing it
and hopefully getting some 
good ideas to decorate my Home!

Hope you have a delightful day
in your corner of the world!


  1. Ah, yes there's nothing like candlelight to cozy up a rainy day and when ice is involved it's best to stay indoors. It sounds like you have all the bases covered for doing just that. It must smell wonderful in there too ;-).

  2. I picked up that same magazine, checked the price, gasped, and set it back down. Ditto with *pronology and a few others...

    Nice candles and an excellent solution for a gray freezing rain kind of day.

  3. Looks like you've been having fun! I think your weather is a lot worse than down here today, but we're still under the advisory. Enjoy your cozy home, Dawn

  4. Sorry about your weather, but looks like a great cozy spot for perusing. Thunderstorms and 70 here today. The leaves are popping out on the honeysuckle bushes, but going down to 24 this weekend. Hope it doesn't freeze everything. Love your new little bird.

  5. I absolutely love candles, too, Lisa :) We're having a rainy day as well, but it's in the low 40's. Stay cozy ♥ p.s. Love your little touches of spring...I need to get busy and put away my wintery items!

  6. That 3 layer candle sounds divine...that and the white chocolate! We love burning candles too....something about them just makes you feel cozy doesn't it?

  7. I love candles... and those scents sound wonderful. I'm in need of a new candle scent. I haven't even burned one since Christmas.


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