Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still Tweaking, But....

as you know, Mallory just turned
16 Feb. 25th.  She had a busy weekend planned
with her sister and was
away for the whole weekend.
So there was no BIG Sweet 16 Birthday Party!
And this was all fine with her, because she got to
go to a concert with her sister instead.
So, while she was away we re-did her bedroom.
More updated and appropriate for the grown-up
that she is so quickly becoming! new car for her!
But, I think she's pretty happy with this....

 This room use to be her older sisters.
Now keep in mind we live in a Home that was
built in 1879, so it is what it is.  But we changed
the room color from a soft yellow,
 her sisters choice,
to a Sea Grass green color. 
And it changed it up quite nice!

 I LOVE words on the walls
~Dream Until, your Dream Comes True.~

 Her dream is to become a Singer, songwriter....
move over Taylor Swift !!
 The new bedding is from Kohl's....
LOVE the colors and print!

 Still need to repaint the chair and her
makeup desk....

 Lucky girl has her own bathroom....
who wouldn't love that!
There was the original pedestal sink,
it would have stayed, but the people we
bought the house from used some chemical 
must be to clean it and ruined the finish.
So....she got a vessel sink to replace it!
I'm jealous!

The faux roses were given to her
by her bff's sweet 85 year old grandpa....
had to use them! 

 We bought a gallon too much for our kitchen....
so we used it in her bathroom!
(it was turquoise....yuck!)

 This is the before....
yellow, purple, turquoise. lime green

 and this is the after....

Libby likes it just fine....
And I think Mallory's pretty happy too!


  1. She must love it! Very nice updating indeed. I'm jealous of her bathroom, too!

  2. What a beautiful transformation for a lucky young lady! Have a great day, Dawn

  3. WOW.. what a transformation! So grown up! I bet she loves it. That bathroom is beautiful.. lucky girl!

  4. Great room re-do. I love the colors and the bedding goes really well Still a fun youthful bedroom but grownup too!!!

  5. You did a wonderful job, Lisa. it looks all grown up and pretty!


  6. Lucky girl! What a lovely present! Will you adopt me, please! xx

  7. What a pretty kitty!
    Good luck to your beautiful daughter with her music career. My Grands are busy trying to break into that world of music and film...not an easy task...
    The bathroom looks beautiful...

  8. What a lucky girl...a room to herself and a bathroom to boot! Love that bedding and that vessel sink..oh my word! I bet she was beaning from ear to ear...Picket

  9. Beautiful! I am a supervisor at Kohl's in West Bloomfield. I have had my eye on that bedding set since it came in! It is even prettier in real life, isn't it? You did that room over in a weekend?! You are amazing!

  10. Greetings from California :-)

    I believe God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things and I will live until my work is finished. Visiting nice blogs like yours is high on my list. Right now I am so far behind I don't think I will ever die!

    When you have the time come by a visit :-)

    Take care and above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do.


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